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1. A visitor; a guest.
2. A supernatural being; a ghost or specter.
3. A migratory bird that stops in a particular place for a limited period of time.

[Latin visitāns, visitant-, present participle of visitāre, to go to see; see visit.]


1. a supernatural being; ghost; apparition
2. a visitor or guest, usually from far away
3. a pilgrim or tourist
4. (Zoology) Also called: visitor a migratory bird that is present in a particular region only at certain times: a summer visitant.
archaic paying a visit; visiting
[C16: from Latin vīsitāns going to see, from vīsitāre; see visit]


(ˈvɪz ɪ tənt)

1. a temporary resident.
2. a being believed to come from the spirit world: a ghostly visitant.
3. a migratory bird that has come to a place temporarily.
4. visiting; paying a visit.
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Noun1.visitant - someone who visitsvisitant - someone who visits      
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
boulevardier - a visitor of a city boulevard (especially in Paris)
caller, company - a social or business visitor; "the room was a mess because he hadn't expected company"
guest, invitee - a visitor to whom hospitality is extended
visiting fireman - an important or distinguished visitor


1. A person or persons visiting one:
2. A supernatural being, such as a ghost:
Informal: spook.
Regional: haunt.
References in classic literature ?
They have taken all we have," replied the People - "excepting," they added, noting the suggestive visitant - "excepting our hope in heaven.
Elgitha had no sooner retired with unwilling steps, than, to the surprise of the Lady of Ivanhoe, her fair visitant kneeled on one knee, pressed her hands to her forehead, and bending her head to the ground, in spite of Rowena's resistance, kissed the embroidered hem of her tunic.
It lasted while this visitant, at all events--and there was a touch of the strange freedom, as I remember, in the sign of familiarity of his wearing no hat--seemed to fix me, from his position, with just the question, just the scrutiny through the fading light, that his own presence provoked.
It came as upon a single buffet of wind with such sureness and fragrance and emphasis that it almost seemed a living visitant.
Swept along half the length of an aisle by the terror-stricken women, she had broken her way back through the rout and quickly caught the light-blinded visitant in a clothes basket.
Her friendliness, and utter unreserve, took me aback for a moment; yet there was no touch of forwardness, or boldness, about the child for child, almost, she seemed to be: I guessed her at scarcely over twenty--all was the innocent frankness of some angelic visitant, new to the ways of earth and the conventionalisms or, if you will, the barbarisms--of Society.
What visitant from the gloom of the deep was I to behold?
Slumber refused to visit his eyelids and the night was passed in feverish contemplation of the chain of circumstances tending to prove the identity of the mysterious visitant to the Colosseum with the inhabitant of the grotto of Monte Cristo; and the more he thought, the firmer grew his opinion on the subject.
I rang the bell, for I wanted a candle; and I wanted, too, to get an account of this visitant.
Probably its regular visitants, like the initiates of freemasonry, wished that there were something a little more tremendous to keep to themselves concerning it; but they were not a closed community, and many decent seniors as well as juniors occasionally turned into the billiard-room to see what was going on.
Again there was a silence, while Captain Jim kept a passing tryst with visitants Anne and Gilbert could not see--the folks who had sat with him around that fireplace in the vanished years, with mirth and bridal joy shining in eyes long since closed forever under churchyard sod or heaving leagues of sea.
Having diverted themselves to their hearts' content, our young visitants now withdrew, and gave place to successive troops of the other sex, who continued flocking towards the house until near noon; by which time I have no doubt that the greater part of the inhabitants of the valley had bathed themselves in the light of our benignant countenances.