visual cortex

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Noun1.visual cortex - the cortical area that receives information from the lateral geniculate body of the thalamus
cortical area, cortical region - any of various regions of the cerebral cortex
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Even when the fibres finally reach the primary visual cortex (also known as V1 or striate cortex), they are still kept separate in ocular dominance columns, some for the left eye and some for the right eye.
As a mammal sees more of the world, for example, neurons in the visual cortex form more connections to the motor cortices, so that the bucket brigade moves faster and more efficiently.
Cortexica was founded in 2009, after six years of research in the Bioengineering labs of Imperial College London, where researchers effectively modeled how human neurons react to visual stimulus, accurately mimicking the Primary Visual Cortex.
By repeating this technique many times, they were able to trace the function and connectivity of hundreds of nerve cells in visual cortex.
In this study, Mrsic-Flogel's team focused on vision and looked into the visual cortex of the mouse brain, which contains thousands of neurons and millions of different connections.
The visual cortex has dramatically more real estate in the brain, and can process far more information than the auditory cortex.
Their topics include the mechanical generation of admissible heuristics, paranoia versus overconfidence in imperfect-information games, graphical models of the visual cortex, extending Bayesian networks to the open-universe class, effect heterogeneity and bias in main-effect-only regression models, Pearl causality and the value of control, and fond memories from an old student.
2010) defines CVI as impaired vision due to disorders in the optic radiations and/or visual cortex of the brain, to differentiate it from ocular visual impairment, caused by ocular problems.
Visual cortex: Reading music or watching a performer's movements activates the visual cortex.
It is not clear why Lexapro helped, but they said there is increasing evidence that antidepressants cause changes in key brain structures needed for memory and thinking--including the visual cortex, hippocampus and cerebral cortex--that may help explain the memory improvements.
He has been given a special AolollipopAo, a device that uses his tongue to stimulate his visual cortex and send sensory information to his brain.