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Noun1.visual modality - the ability to seevisual modality - the ability to see; the visual faculty
visual system - the sensory system for vision
sense modality, sensory system, modality - a particular sense
exteroception - sensitivity to stimuli originating outside of the body
stigmatism - normal eyesight
achromatic vision - vision using the rods
acuity, sharp-sightedness, visual acuity - sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)
binocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyes
central vision - vision using the fovea and parafovea; the middle part of the visual field
chromatic vision, color vision, trichromacy - the normal ability to see colors
distance vision - vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer
eyesight, sightedness, seeing - normal use of the faculty of vision
monocular vision - vision with only one eye
near vision - vision for objects 2 feet or closer to the viewer
night vision, night-sight, scotopic vision, twilight vision - the ability to see in reduced illumination (as in moonlight)
daylight vision, photopic vision - normal vision in daylight; vision with sufficient illumination that the cones are active and hue is perceived
peripheral vision - vision at the edges of the visual field using only the periphery of the retina
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While it appeared like the rats were using the infrared detector like a new visual modality, Thomson was unsure whether that was actually the case.
In such situations, large amounts of information processing is necessary, which is much more than the brain can reliably process and interpret using tactile modality (despite neuroplasticity phenomena taking place), compared to a much greater capacity of visual modality processing.
Following the steps learned via an aural and visual modality in the CBI, the students apply the proper hand washing steps by participating in an interactive, Adobe Flash-based practical application.
Study 2 introduces another modality--visual cues conveyed by the profile picture of a communication partner--to explore how visual modality combined with either text chat or audio chat affect collaboration outcomes.
Therefore the 1 back version would involve the articulatory loop in the verbal modality and the visuospatial sketchpad in the visual modality.
The central visual modality was simulated by projecting the text as a "HUD" on to the focus area of the tracking task (Figure 2), with difficulty being manipulated by setting text character spacing to 1pt for low difficulty and 4pt for high difficulty.
Research on adults' identification of emotions when cues were presented either auditorily or visually indicated that the visual modality always yielded superior identification compared to the auditory modality.
For further information about the types of visual modality and modality makers, see Kress and van Leeuwen (2006: 161-63, 165-66) and Machin (2007: 57-59).
6) Jeong tests the persuasive effects of visual metaphors in advertising: advertisements containing visual metaphors deliver persuasive arguments in visual modality and metaphorical style of rhetoric.
Ewing and Yong (1992) compared learning style preferences among ethnically diverse groups of gifted students and found many significant differences among gifted Black, Mexican American, and American-born Chinese students concerning their preferences for noise, light, visual modality, studying in afternoon, and persistence.
Individuals with a visual modality prefer to learn information that is presented in charts, graphs, and symbols, rather than words) An auditory/aural preference indicates that the individual prefers to receive information that is communicated orally.
The visual modality procedure was identical to that used in the tactile modality, but for this task the participants were required to explore the matrices visually, not tactilely.

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