visual perception

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Noun1.visual perception - perception by means of the eyesvisual perception - perception by means of the eyes  
perception - the process of perceiving
contrast - the perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of very different colors
face recognition - the visual perception of familiar faces
object recognition - the visual perception of familiar objects
visual space - the visual perception of space
optical fusion, fusion - the combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept
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Blunt to learn that the words issuing from her lips had awakened in me the visual perception of a dark- skinned, hard-driven lady's maid with tarnished eyes; even of the tireless Rose handing me my hat while breathing out the enigmatic words: "Madame should listen to her heart." A wave from the atmosphere of another house rolled in, overwhelming and fiery, seductive and cruel, through the Blunt vibration, bursting through it as through tissue paper and filling my heart with sweet murmurs and distracting images, till it seemed to break, leaving an empty stillness in my breast.
These reflections, rapid as lightning, simultaneous with visual perception, D'Artagnan had already forgotten when he descended the first steps of the staircase.
Visual perception refers to the ability to extract visual information from the environment via the eyes.
Baidu also announced plans to adopt Mobileye's Surround Computer Vision Kit as the visual perception solution; it will be integrated as part of Baidu's proposition to the Chinese OEM market, the company added.
Nowadays, AI is being increasingly used to make effective decisions in medicine, healthcare, science, sports and many other fields performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
The method is known for its illustrations and visual perception of the material.
While photographers may not anticipate this approach (most books focus on artistry and mechanics alone), they will find it just one of the unique aspects particular to a book that teaches visual perception and how it can be captured in different ways, photographically.
He assumes that linguistic structures are motivated by general cognitive processes, and formulates his theory making extensive use of Gestalt psychology and drawing analogies between linguistic structures and aspects of visual perception. This lecture series follows his earlier one on the basics of cognitive grammar.
Visual perception is highly subjective as it is influenced by our individual colour preferences depending on our personal experience.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 17, 2017-Chinese Search Firm Baidu Acquires US Visual Perception Technology Specialist xPerception
The modules provide better visual perception of green light (520 to 530 nm) compared to red.