visual sensation

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Noun1.visual sensation - the perceptual experience of seeingvisual sensation - the perceptual experience of seeing; "the runners emerged from the trees into his clear vision"; "he had a visual sensation of intense light"
aesthesis, esthesis, sensation, sense datum, sense experience, sense impression - an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation; "a sensation of touch"
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Emotionally, Organo "gets a different kind of high when I see the finished work" not only with her vermillion pieces that admirers say "evoke a euphoric visual sensation," but also her other pieces for their vibrant gemlike quality.
Generations of directors and students were influenced by his depth and visual sensation.
Wheeler compares the visual and acoustic impression of "Synthetic Desert III" to his own experience in the deserts of northern Arizona, where near-silent conditions profoundly influence the visual sensation of distance.
Fishman was heavily influenced by the hard-edge abstract paintings of artists such as Gene Davis and Richard Anuszkiewicz, yet her Conceptualist approach extends beyond Op's traditional appeal to visual sensation alone.
As measured by the eye tracker, subjects who reported seeing motion were also able to smoothly track the motion of their hand in darkness more accurately than those who reported no visual sensation -- 46 percent versus 20 percent of the time.
Given the frailty of the human vestibular and visual sensation and perception abilities in the aviation environment, a better phrase than pilot error ought to simply be, "exceeded the physiological and psychological capability of the aircrew.
Even though the speaker does not offer a visual description of the "mysterious priest" who leads the heifer, the heifer is described in much detail that can provoke visual sensation.
Whether we are researchers in film studies, in art history, in poetry studies, or in some other, color-sifting discipline, together we face the pressure--and also the pleasure--of evoking and appraising color, of turning visual sensation, and our affective reaction to that sensation, into verbal language.
Credit goes to Eduardo Serra for his cinematography which created a visual sensation.
Light: Radiant energy that is capable of exciting the retina and producing a visual sensation.
On any level other than as sheer visual sensation, "2012" is a joke, for the simple reason that it has no point of view; the film offers no philosophical, metaphysical, intellectual and certainly no religious perspective on the cataclysm, just the physical frenzy of it all.