visual space

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Noun1.visual space - the visual perception of space
beholding, seeing, visual perception - perception by means of the eyes
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The project moresense has four major objectives: First, It will unravel how neural motor maps provide the metric for the experience of visual space.
With 27 inch InfinityEdge display, the AIO not only provides the frameless visual experience, but also maximises the visual space.
A full mirrored wall will extend the visual space by 100%, but I'm not too keen.
For example, all points that are multiplicatives of given points may map to the same point in the visual space.
Built in wardrobes always take up less visual space and provide more storage than free-standing ones and you can go the way of the expensive but luxurious built in wardrobe system - I rather covet this one by Wharfside - or cheap and cheerful as I did by building a simple carcass (not personally, you understand).
You can also hang a tree from the ceiling, so you're just taking visual space at the top.
We also perform threshold testing on the electrodes to give us a better understanding of the type of perceptions the patients have and how they map to visual space.
For visual predictive control (VPC) method, nonlinear MPC is conducted to re-define visual servoing as a nonlinear constrained optimization problem in visual space.
The artist depicts herself in a tight visual space.
A montage of cinematic anxiety-dream imagery, a visual space composed of B-movie and trashy horror footage, Cordula Ditz's solo show "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" was dominated by a two-channel video installation of the same title, dated 2016, with its large-format projections, one on a wall, the other on a screen set up in the middle of the room.
Objects occupying this visual space have the immediate effect of "ornamentally staining" that surface through being made visually obvious by it.
More recent work has shown that patterns of oscillations can facilitate the representation of visual space during eye movements.