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Noun1.visualiser - one whose prevailing mental imagery is visual
beholder, observer, perceiver, percipient - a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses
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Cette technologie leur permet de visualiser virtuellement des elements de design sur des vehicules bien reels, grace a des hologrammes en 3D.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Qty-01 Smart Rostrum With Attached Visualiser, Focus Lamp And With All Input And Output Terminals And Qty-01 Visualiser
Starting off at the most interesting and useful implementation of AR and VR, the BMW i Visualiser drew most of the crowd.
That file is then sent to a visualiser and imported into a visualisation software package such as, in this case, 3DS Max.
Regula Ltd has introduced its Holographic Images Visualiser 2303 and Covert Laser Readable (CLR) Images Visualiser 2305 for the inspection of holograms and detection of counterfeits.
New technology now allows customers to live this experience and translate it in to reality with Smurfit Kappa s 3D Store Visualiser which was launched recently.
SATS worked with ZES on a three-month pilot programme to deploy its Airport Visualiser product to meet a stipulated set of key performance indicators and installed Infoman hardware in more than 300 GSE items.
Under their agreement, STA and ZES worked together on a three-month pilot programme to deploy Airport Visualiser to meet certain key performance indicators and installed Infoman hardware in over 300 GSE.
Abu Dhabi Airport Services Selects the proveo Airport Visualiser.
Summary: Epson, the world leader in the projector market[1], today (February 2nd, 2009) announced the global launch of the Epson ELP DC-06, a unique visualiser that is the first in a new range of innovative accessories designed to work easily with projectors, on the sidelines of the company's participation in the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.
Nick Ramsay has joined the staff of Darlington's Niven Architects as an assistant IT and 3D visualiser.