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v. vi·su·al·ized, vi·su·al·iz·ing, vi·su·al·iz·es
a. To form a mental image of; envisage: tried to visualize the scene as it was described.
b. To engage in psychological visualization with regard to (pain or a body process, for example).
a. To render visible, as in an image or representation: "Movies have always been keen to visualize the gorier details of ocular trauma" (Dennis Lim).
b. To produce an image or visual representation of (an internal body part or action, for example) by radiological or other technology.
To form a mental image.

vi′su·al·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.visualized - seen in the mind as a mental imagevisualized - seen in the mind as a mental image; "the glory of his envisioned future"; "the snow-covered Alps pictured in her imagination"; "the visualized scene lacked the ugly details of real life"
unreal - lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria; "ghosts and other unreal entities"; "unreal propaganda serving as news"
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When she thought of Joe, the Joe instantly visualized on her mind was a clothed Joe--girl-cheeked, blue-eyed, curly-headed, but clothed.
And he again saw her not as the daughter of Prince Vasili, but visualized her whole body only veiled by its gray dress.
It was all visualized in his mind as a concrete thing which he could take up in his two hands and turn around and about and examine.
She imagined the baby already arrived and visualized him as she hoped her child might be at two years.
As is my habit, or my weakness, or my gift, I don't know which, I visualized the story for myself.
It might be true that these days there is a greater desire among many for information to be visualized rather than having to read it.
The new dashboard shows all aspects of the order lifecycle in visualized and non-visualized data formats including routing information, execution detail, order-book detail at every step, venue analysis and exchange reconciliation.
It is said that the imaginative and visualizing mind can make the imagined and visualized thing real, depending on one's belief system.
I had never consciously sat and visualized beforehand a picture in my mind.
In pelvic sonography, uterus and cervix could not be visualized. Abdominal sonography showed normal kidneys.
In this context it began to be significant particularly for the students studying in the first stage to present phrases as visualized. Since trying to visualize and make the same apparent and trying to concretize the same assist the children to make different associations and to connect with daily life easier, may assist them to use more words and express themselves more easily.