visually impaired person

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Noun1.visually impaired person - someone who has inferior vision
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
aphakic - someone afflicted by aphakia; someone lacking the natural lenses of the eyes
blind person - a person with a severe visual impairment
hyperope - a person with hyperopia; a farsighted person
myope - a person with myopia; a nearsighted person
presbyope - a person with presbyopia; someone who is farsighted resulting from the progressive loss with aging of the elasticity of the crystalline lens
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Running as a visually impaired person is relatively easy.
The teaching staff too were not equipped to teach a visually impaired person. Despite all this, I managed to get a general diploma with 94.88 per cent in 2004.'
Arfon Access Group secretary Vin West said: "A zebra crossing is dangerous for a blind or visually impaired person to use as there are no lights or sounds to say that it is safe to cross.
"The impact this can have on a visually impaired person, who may already feel vulnerable, can be devastating.
For the millions of visually impaired persons, The Keys-U-See keyboard makes using the computer easy again!
The people who do know I am visually impaired often have stereotypes of what a visually impaired person looks like.
'Urdu Literature is perhaps the most challenging subject for a visually impaired person as the reading materials for this subject are not available in audio or digital forms,' she maintained
"These statues can be pleasant for a person with sight, but a blind or visually impaired person can walk straight into them and get hurt," he said.
As a friend of a long-term visually impaired person, I am particularly pleased that something is to be done about irresponsible parking, which seems to be more prevalent every year.
The concept of "Share the Vision" is "Any visually impaired person should be able to contact any library and information service of their choice and be able to request any item in whatever format they prefer, whether for leisure, educational or other purpose and feel confident that all reasonable and informed steps will be taken to ensure that it is located and retrieved, or possibly reproduced in the requested format and forwarded to them at their preferred location" (Owen, 2004, p.
Any visually impaired person is welcome to attend the 10-pin activities.
Containing information on such topics as making ADA work for your business, the accommodations necessary when employing a blind or visually impaired person, accessibility in public areas for blind and visually impaired people, and staff training, this guide includes invaluable reference features like the "ADA Accessibility Guide (ADAAG)," the "Quick Guide to Getting Help on the ADA" and an extensive resource section on products, services and organizations.

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