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Of or relating to motor activity dependent on or involving sight: the visuomotor coordination required to write.

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In this study, nine age-appropriate NEPSY-II subtests related to EF were chosen, which included Memory-for-Designs (MD), Narrative Memory (NM), Statue, Affect Recognition (AR), Theory of Mind (TM), Word Generation (WG), Comprehension of Instructions (CIs), Block Construction (BC), and Visuomotor Precision (VP).
Hence, this study was planned with the objective to assess the memory functioning, intelligence, spatial ability, and visuomotor coordination in patients with WE following chronic alcoholism.
Contreras-Vidal, "Decoding center-out hand velocity from MEG signals during visuomotor adaptation".
Learning a visuomotor rotation: simultaneous visual and proprioceptive information is crucial for visuomotor remapping.
However, in patients with uncomplicated type 2 diabetes and in mild-to-moderate cases of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, minimal cognitive impairment differences have been reported between diabetics and an age and gender matched control group in terms of visuomotor attention, constant complex visual attention, attention, mental double tracking, implicit memory, and self-reported memory problems (Asimakopoulou, Hampson, and Morrish, 2002; Nilsson, 2006).
Construct validity of the Trail Making Test: role of taskswitching, working memory, inhibition/interference control, and visuomotor abilities.
Trails A is a measure of attention, visuomotor tracking, and psychomotor ability (Reitan 1958, 1979).
The game-like test, which was designed with graphics similar to current consumer video games, consists of three components: visuomotor tracking, where participants steer a character through winding paths avoiding walls and obstacles; perceptual discrimination, where they respond selectively to colored targets by tapping on the screen while ignoring other targets or stimuli; and multitasking, where participants perform both tracking and discrimination simultaneously.
Wholebrain activity maps reveal stereotyped, distributed networks for visuomotor behavior.
Motor practice effects and sensorimotor integration in adults who stutter: Evidence from visuomotor tracking performance.
McClelland (2014) "Behavioral self-regulation and executive function both predict visuomotor skills and early academic achievement".
The advantage of sighting tests is that they require visuomotor actions (vision in combination with the movement of a part of the body), just as in the real world, which might mean that the results they give may have greater significance outside the testing room.