vital organ

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Noun1.vital organ - a bodily organ that is essential for lifevital organ - a bodily organ that is essential for life
organ - a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function
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Eyes, ears, arms and legs were pierced; every inch of the poor writhing body that did not cover a vital organ became the target of the cruel lancers.
We have only the simplest of vital organs and they are very small for they do not have to assist in the support of a complicated system of nerves, muscles, flesh and bone.
The incubus of legs and chelae and vital organs will be removed.
Delamayn is far from being the first man who has dropped at foot-racing, under the cruel stress laid on the vital organs.
This is a disease like a thickening of the skin until the vital organs are destroyed.
Liver is a vital organ that maintains digestion and metabolism in body.
But you don't die from cancer in the breast as such, you die from the cancer spreading to a more vital organ.
It appears that Phillips' offer to donate his heart to his sister, who suffers a heart ailment, however, would not be possible under the governor's directive since the heart is a vital organ.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Vital organ transplants from deceased donors may finally start next year, 19 months after the green light was given by the Health Council.
It is unethical (and immoral) to remove a vital organ from a living person, because doing so kills the person.
Auditing independence provides a vital organ to the financial markets.