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Noun1.vitalisation - the state of being vitalized and filled with lifevitalisation - the state of being vitalized and filled with life
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
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The IVD insists, in this vein, on the role of the parliament in ensuring the smooth functioning of the transitional justice process and its vitalisation.
Seeds that have been treated by seed vitalisation will have all the traditional benefits of priming such as faster and more uniform germination, higher rate of germination and stronger seedlings, which altogether helps to increase the yield.
Surya Namaskar or sun greeting or a technique of solar vitalisation is a well-known and vital technique within the yogic repertoire.
This is why that project falls in line in this context of boosting the Tunisian third sector through its vitalisation both quantitatively and qualitatively.
The new head and ceiling showers feature three different spray patterns for gentle vitalisation, a stress-reducing massage using the Grohe Bokoma Spray or a refreshing XL waterfall spray otherwise found only in well-equipped saunas.
They urged an easing of investment rules, structural reform of the banking sector and vitalisation of the local equities market.
market affirms that Volkswagen is dedicated to the economic vitalisation of the communities where we do business.
Ben Jaafar and Juppe reviewed Thursday prospects for development as part of the challenges faced by Tunisia during this transition period and that cover particularly employment and regional balance, vitalisation of tourism and diversification of the economic sectors.
Next is a discussion of how ICTs can contribute to a vitalisation of extension, with case studies demonstrating some of their potential.
Weston is meticulous in describing the theory of diathermy, but on the same page describes the fasciculation of the tongue and the vitalisation of a radial forearm skin paddle, concepts that would be far harder for a lay person to appreciate.