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The theory or doctrine that life processes arise from or contain a nonmaterial vital principle and cannot be explained entirely as physical and chemical phenomena.

vi′tal·ist adj. & n.
vi′tal·is′tic adj.
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This history of naturopathy details a system that, like other popular modalities of the nineteenth century, advocated a philosophy linking body, mind, and soul to an eclectic blend of intuitive and vitalistic therapies.
The foregoing remarks point towards the real difficulty that Deloria is addressing, which is how to conceive a vitalistic metaphysics informed by a general principle of relativity, one that is sympathetic to the indigenous view that we, the living, dwell in a moral universe.
Even though he concedes that the Atlantic bridge provides Europe with "jets of restorative juice, vitalistic enthusiasm and revelation in excesses of body and soul" (Atlantski most 9), he does not leave his national and cultural wellspring behind.
41) Although Wordsworth, Barbauld, and Southey disparagingly associated Darwin's poetry with mechanism, scientific thinkers such as Sir Humphry Davy criticized Darwin's ideas about plant physiology as being instead too vitalistic, and asserted that "plant movements were caused by mechanical means and that plants lacked all sensitivity.
Tennant's new work, true to his liberal project, continued to develop his vitalistic account of sin as merely another name for lingering animal impulses impeding, but not preventing, the advance of the human spirit.
Here there is a reasonably well developed holistic and vitalistic mutuality--in other words a story that matches ours.
Lyman told us the profession was too vitalistic, needing mechanical and electrical instruments to measure what we were doing with results that could be quantified.
In addition, I value homeopathy and use it with most every patient I treat, with cancer or otherwise, because at its core, it's both holistic and vitalistic.
Occupy Wall Street would be unthinkable without a counterhegemonic, minor, vitalistic discursive milieu or a freedom-mapping composite discourse to in-form and inspire it.
Boner, titulado "Kepler's Vitalistic View of the Heavens: Some Preliminary Remarks".
But when a culture becomes falsely vitalistic, making the denial of death the principle on which its mystifications rest, it is time to try to undermine it by the Emersonian gesture of diving to reappear in a new place.