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tr.v. vi·tal·ized, vi·tal·iz·ing, vi·tal·iz·es
1. To endow with life; animate.
2. To make more lively or vigorous; invigorate.

vi′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
vi′tal·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.vitalizing - giving or having the power to give life and spirit; "returning the life-giving humus to the land"- Louis Bromfield; "life-giving love and praise"; "the vitalizing rays of the warming sun"
invigorating - imparting strength and vitality; "the invigorating mountain air"


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Did the vitalizing air reach the people of that distant planet in time to save them?
not be inappropriate for me to suggest that it seems to me that one of the most vital questions that touch our American life is how to bring the strong, wealthy, and learned into helpful touch with the poorest, most ignorant, and humblest, and at the same time make one appreciate the vitalizing, strengthening influence of the other.
A vitalizing pad helps remove skin For a facial massage, celebrity facialist and Nivea skin coach Abigail James recommends using the Q10 Plus Vit C Skin Sleep Cream when massaging each of these five areas of your face.
The policy is included in the "program for vitalizing the stock market," which was approved by a meeting of the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) yesterday.
The mathematical may suppress the instinctive, but the suppressed makes itself felt indirectly, vitalizing the whole work.
The tie-up is aimed at vitalizing the operations of the many small and midsize apparel makers in the prefecture by enabling them to access Horipro's related know-how, the partners said.