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1. Any of various fat-soluble or water-soluble organic substances that are essential in minute amounts for normal growth and activity of living organisms. They are synthesized by bacteria and plants and are obtained by animals chiefly in their diet.
2. A preparation containing one or more vitamins, often taken as a dietary supplement.

[Alteration of vitamine : Latin vīta, life; see gwei- in Indo-European roots + amine (so called because they were originally thought to be amines).]

vi′ta·min′ic adj.


a. vitamínico-a, rel. a las vitaminas.
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Bed and bedding supplier Restonic introduced the TempaGel and Vitaminic mattresses in 2014.
Tratamentos Treatments Ingredientes Ingredients TES LIN Milho 46,951 44,631 Corn grain Farelo de Soja 9,944 7,140 Soybean meal Farelo de Trigo 39,572 34,656 Wheat bran Semente de Linhaca integral 0,000 10,000 Whole Flaxseed Fosfato Bicalcico 0,413 0,448 Dicalcium phosphate Cloreto de Sodio 0,921 0,925 Sodium Chloride Calcario 2,000 2,000 Limestone Suplemento Mineral 0,100 0,100 Mineral supplement Suplemento Vitaminico 0,100 0,100 Vitaminic supplement Total 100,00 100,00 Nutrientes (2) Nutrients (2) Materia Seca 90,06 90,10 Dry matter Proteina Bruta 16,69 16,33 Crude protein Fibra bruta 4,79 4,92 Crudefiber FDN 24,04 24,71 NDF FDA 7,96 8,25 ADF Extrato etereo 2,42 6,10 Ether extract Materia mineral 5,39 5,76 Ash Energia digestivel (3) 2956,93 3021,38 (Kcal [kg.
In addition, Edelstyn has held senior positions in British Telecom, BTLookSmart and Vitaminic in various capacities.
In a deal announced on April 22, Agrakom also agreed to adopt the content delivery platform of Buongiorno Vitaminic SpA, Mitsui's strategic partner in overseas mobile services operations.
net has launched a new Audio and Video music streaming channel developed by digital music solution provider Vitaminic Group and powered by content supplier New Music Now.
com, the wholly owned unit of Vivendi Universal, Britain's On Demand Distribution and Italian venture Vitaminic have received the go-ahead from some of the labels to make song downloads and streaming audio available to Internet users.
The pounds 10,000-prize competition, sponsored by Vitaminic, was organised to give the public a say in the future of local bands.
Check out all the latest concert dates at vitaminic.
80% Sal comum 0,45 0,45 0,45 0,39 0,39 0,39 Co- salt Inerte (1) 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01 Inen BHT 0,02 0,02 0,02 0,02 0,02 0,02 BHT Suplemento mineral 0,80 0,80 0,80 0,60 0,60 0,60 e vitamínico (23) Mineral and vitaminic suilement Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 Total Composição calculada (4) Calculated composition Proteína bruta % 21,38 21,38 21,38 11,28 19,28 19,28 Cradepmtein EM (kcal [kg.
3A platform, operating from Buongiorno Vitaminic data centers, is currently managing services for a potential audience of nearly 1 billion clients (50% of the total 2 billion mobile users worldwide).