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 (vĭ-tĕl′ĭn, vī-)
A protein found in egg yolk.


(Biochemistry) biochem a phosphoprotein that is the major protein in egg yolk
[C19: from vitellus + -in]


(vɪˈtɛl ɪn, vaɪ-)

a phosphoprotein in the yolk of eggs.
[1855–60; vitell (us) + -in1]
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The vitellin glands are globular and located between nearly the middle of the body and the posterior of the hind testis.
Insulin and 20E increased the vitellogenin and vitellin amounts but decreased ecdysteroid content in ovaries.
Mating pair combinations of insecticide-treated male and female Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) planthoppers influence protein content in the male accessory glands (MAGs) and vitellin content in both fat bodies and ovaries of adult females.
Furthermore, since yolk proteins such as vitellin and lipophorin readily aggregate under low ionic conditions, organellar membranes of a reasonable quality were isolated by including 0.
This result is due to the protective function of the egg cover, such as the vitellin, chitin and especially an internal glycolipid layer, which provides resistance to chemicals and prevents the entry of foreign substances (STIRLING & WEST, 1991; PERRY et al, 2009).
Several molecules were identified, like Bm95 (93), vitellin (94), 64P (95), trypsin inhibitors (96), SBm1462 (97), ferritin 2 (98) and subolesin (99-100).
La tumeur du sac vitellin est differenciee dans le sens extra-embryonnaire et reproduit des structures evocatrices du sac vitellin de l'homme.
Les trois premiers jours du developpement des larves ont montre une reduction progressive du sac vitellin suivie d'un passage a la nourriture exogene.
Believing in the potential for a better antiseptic formulation of silver, Barnes encouraged Hille to develop a technique for producing a non-irritant formulation: this effort was successful, through the use of a protein found in wheat and rye, to produce silver vitellin, an organic formulation that was named Argyrol.
Vitellogenesis comprises the synthesis of the yolk protein precursor vitellogenin in body fat, its secretion into the hemolymph, and its transportation to the follicles, where they are selectively bound and internalized into oocytes as vitellin (Hagedorn and Kunkel, 1979).