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 (vĭt′ĭ-kŭl′chər, vī′tĭ-)
The cultivation of grapes, especially for use in making wine.

[Latin vītis, vine; see wei- in Indo-European roots + culture.]

vit′i·cul′tur·al adj.
vit′i·cul′tur·ist n.


1. (Agriculture) the science, art, or process of cultivating grapevines
2. (Agriculture) the study of grapes and the growing of grapes
[C19: viti-, from Latin vītis vine]
ˌvitiˈcultural adj
ˌvitiˈculturally adv
ˌvitiˈculturer, ˌvitiˈculturist n


(ˈvɪt ɪˌkʌl tʃər, ˈvaɪ tɪ-)

the culture or cultivation of grapes and grapevines.
[1870–75; < Latin vīti(s) vine + culture]
vit`i•cul′tur•al, adj.
vit`i•cul′tur•ist, n.


1. the science that studies grapes and their culture.
2. the cultivation of grapes and grapevines. Also called viniculture. — viticulturist, n.viticultural, viticulturist, adj.
See also: Wine
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Noun1.viticulture - the cultivation of grapes and grape vinesviticulture - the cultivation of grapes and grape vines; grape growing
culture - the raising of plants or animals; "the culture of oysters"
resinate - impregnate with resin to give a special flavor to; "Greek wines are often resinated"


[ˈvɪtɪkʌltʃəʳ] Nviticultura f


nWeinbau m
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Uzbekistan and Georgia have agreed on cooperation in the field of winemaking and viticulture.
Viticulture today is one of the priority areas for the development of Sevastopol.
The program will fall under the Department of Plant & Soil Science and be overseen by viticulture and enology professor Ed Hellman.
He was first attracted to the potential of Chelan viticulture many years ago by Steve Kludt of Lake Chelan Winery.
From Vines to Wines in Classical Rome: A Handbook of Viticulture and Oenology in Rome and the Roman West
In the northeastern part of Kansas, where I live, there has been much recent interest in viticulture.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 22, 2015-Bank of the West recognizes wineries, viticulture for industry advancements
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 22, 2015-Bank of the West recognizes wineries, viticulture for industry advancements
The academic and government research on GWSS and PD received support from the state's viticulture and enology industries and even local government before and during the Temecula Valley outbreak.
found himself attracted to the wine and viticulture program at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, a program that seeks to prepare students for careers in the wine business.
Ivan Pachev, Director of Bulgaria's Pleven-based National Institute of Viticulture and Oenology, has said that this year's harvest will combine a high yield in vineyards with excellent quality in grapes, the sugar concentration being over 25%.