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Adj.1.vitiliginous - of or relating to or having vitiligo
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03% over vitiliginous patches twice daily for a period of six months.
Determination of oxidative stress in vitiligo by measuring superoxide dismutase and catalase levels in vitiliginous and non-vitiliginous skin.
In their latest work, they detected HMB-45+ melanocytes and TRP2+ (Tyrosinase Related Protein 2) melanocytes in 25% and 75% of vitiliginous white hair, respectively (42).
The vitiliginous areas may remain static without showing any repigmentation or depigmentation.
4) There is a low level of catalase and other antioxidants and high levels of H2O2 in the epidermis of vitiliginous lesions.
These agents minimize tanning, prevent photodamage, and limit the contrast between vitiliginous and normal skin.
Other atypical variants has also been described which are dyschromic amyloidosis or amyloidosis cutis dyschromica, bullous, vitiliginous, familial poikiloderma like cutaneous amyloidosis and anosacral type.
According to the convergence theory various factors like autoimmunity, accumulation of melanocyte toxic chemicals, genetic predisposition and defective free radical clearance lead to the development of vitiliginous skin.
Needling was done on the whole patch with a disposable insulin syringe, from the pigmented margins or the islands in the vitiliginous patch.