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The editorial staff defended this issue as addressing "the 'war on terror' from the standpoint of sound judgment and humanistic justice." But there is nothing sound or rational about a one-sided presentation full of distortions, omissions, and vitriol. This is yellow journalism, not critical inquiry.
Despite a fantastic performance of a blistering set, My Vitriol were always going to be playing second fiddle to Welsh rockers Feeder.
Tom Villarin returned his award to the USTAAI on Wednesday morning as he slammed the 'lies, vitriol and violence' peddled by government officials, including the entertainer-turned Malacanang official.
The council also hit out at "vitriol" it claims was directed at their staff during opposition to the drilling.
"He is unleashing a level of vitriol, and defensiveness, hatred, that I don't think we should tolerate" - Hillary Clinton attacks President Donald Trump.
"Knock yourself out calling us ill-educated neanderthals and spit a bit more vitriol and venom our way, you elitist lot."
In a society where anything goes nowadays, I was astounded that such vitriol is being poured on the "other woman" by female writers.
But I hope that throughout the time I have been bashing out this drivel - often obscenely early in the day with the hangover from hell - it's Never vitriol meant as personal - apart against fans, obviously' been at least mildly amusing and occasionally thought-provoking.
And remember the pressure put on Viv Anderson - the first black player to win a Three Lions cap - and the vitriol he got, then there is a good chance there are truths in this story.
The 21–year–old was called a "filthy slag" on Twitter and spoke out about the "increasing degree of persona l vitriol and misogyny" she suPSered as a female $nalist.
France's online forums, those virtual bastions of Liberte, Agalite, and Fraternite, are the unsung victims of Operation Protective Edge: with three times the amount of user-generated comments, most of them heinous, forum moderators are collapsing under the weight of inane vitriol.