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n. pl. vit·tae (vĭt′ē)
1. Zoology A streak or band of color, as on the bill of a bird.
2. Botany An oil tube in the fruit of certain plants, especially those in the parsley family.

[Latin, headband, ribbon; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]

vit′tate′ (vĭt′āt′) adj.
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n, pl -tae (-tiː)
1. (Botany) any of numerous tubelike cavities containing oil or resin that occur in the fruits of certain plants, esp of parsley and other umbellifers
2. (Biology) biology a band or stripe of colour
[C17: from Latin: headband; related to viēre to plait]
ˈvittate adj
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(ˈvɪt ə)

n., pl. vit•tae (ˈvɪt i)
1. a tube or receptacle for oil, occurring in the fruits of most plants of the parsley family.
2. Zool. a streak or stripe of color on the body.
[1685–95; < Latin: ribbon, fillet, akin to viēre to weave together]
vit′tate (-eɪt) adj.
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