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n. Nonstandard
Variant of victual..
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n, vb
an obsolete or dialect spelling of victual
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(ˈvɪt l)
1. victuals, food supplies; provisions.
2. food or provisions for human beings.
3. to supply with victuals.
4. to take or obtain victuals.
5. Archaic. to eat or feed.
[1275–1325; Middle English vitaille < Old French vituaille < Late Latin victuālia provisions, n. use of neuter pl. of Latin victuālis of food =victu(s) nourishment, way of living (vic-, variant s. of vīvere to live + -tus suffix of v. action) + -ālis -al1; modern sp. < Latin]
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References in classic literature ?
Friday told me such a boat would do very well, and would carry "much enough vittle, drink, bread;" this was his way of talking.
He fixed it so as we could both go in with aperns on and toting vittles.
And grub comes too easy -- I don't take no interest in vittles, that way.
There never was such a woman for givin' away vittles and drink, clothes and firin'," replied Hannah, who had lived with the family since Meg was born, and was considered by them all more as a friend than a servant.
'nater,' 'vittles,' and 'doos' as long as she lives, and insist that they are right.
`O, go way, Missis,' said I; `it really hurts my feelin's, now, to see good vittles spilt dat ar way!
I ben a- buyin' pots en pans en vittles, as I got a chanst, en a- patchin' up de raf' nights when --"
Conquer your passions, boys, and don't be eager after vittles.' As he uttered this moral precept, Mr Squeers took a large bite out of the cold beef, and recognised Nicholas.
One night, I ordered a bottle of mulled wine at an hotel where I was staying, and waited a long time for it; at length it was put upon the table with an apology from the landlord that he feared it wasn't 'fixed properly.' And I recollect once, at a stage-coach dinner, overhearing a very stern gentleman demand of a waiter who presented him with a plate of underdone roast-beef, 'whether he called THAT, fixing God A'mighty's vittles?'
They even laughed occasionally, for the girls, in their ignorance, asked queer questions; Tom made ludicrously unbusiness-like propositions; and Maud gave them one hearty peal, that did a world of good, by pensively remarking, when the plans for the future had been explained to her, "I 'm so relieved; for when papa said we must give up everything, and mamma called us all beggars, I did think I 'd got to go round asking for cold vittles, with a big basket, and an old shawl over my head.
Roedd lle i hanes hefyd gydag Arwel Vittle yn edrych yn ol ar yr Arwisgo union 50 mlynedd yn ol yn ei lyfr Dim Croeso '69: Gwrthsefyll yr Arwisgo.
Cawn glywed tystiolaeth gan rai a oedd yn rhan o'r stori ar y pryd ac arbenigwyr a haneswyr sydd yn dadansoddi mwy ar y sefyllfa wrth edrych nol, gan gynnwys John Jenkins, Ffred Ffransis, Dr Elin Jones, Dr Sara Elin Roberts, Lyn Ebenezer, Yr Athro Martin Johnes, Gwynoro Jones, Wyn Thomas, Emyr Jenkins, Dr Brieg Powel ac Arwel Vittle.