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volatile organic compound


abbreviation for
(Chemistry) volatile organic compound: one of a number of chemicals, including benzene and acetone, that evaporate or vaporize readily and are harmful to human health and the environment


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As a response to this demand, coating manufacturers and additive suppliers are coming up with innovative ways to keep VOC content low while maintaining performance characteristics.
The ministry also said 380 diapers all met safety requirements, with 10 diapers made by the top five manufacturers having negligible VOC levels.
With the growing focus on air purification, regulations regarding VOC limits are becoming increasingly stringent, both nationally and internationally.
The Trust added that this distribution includes proceeds of USD1,209,412, which VOC Brazos Partners LP received in connection with the settlement of a lawsuit arising from an unaffiliated operator having drilled and completed a well across land partly owned by VOC Brazos without observing VOC Brazos' legal ownership in such well.
VOC emissions from three-layer plywood arise mainly from the product's film and its manufacturing process (such as the adhesive used in the overlaying process).
Certain plants could help mitigate the harmful effects of VOCs in indoor air, a new study suggests.
While there are many other avenues for feedback, VOC offers distinctive opportunities for immediate and personal service recoveries, reduction of recurring problems, and employee recognition and motivation—all before checkout, surveys and social media.
These compounds are based on three innovative chemistries developed by the company: additive formulations designed for low VOC emissions; non-phthalate plasticizers, including types that generate lower VOC emissions than conventional plasticizers; and biobased plasticizers derived from renewable plant byproducts, also including versions with low VOC emissions.
As the petrochemical industry expands, plant construction will need VOC emission credits to off-set non-controllable point sources in non-attainment areas.
Stephen Harrison, global head of specialty gases and specialty equipment at Linde, said: "With this accreditation, Linde has raised the bar for gaseous standards for VOC detection.
The first part examines the social background and onshore lives of commanders in the towns in Holland and Zeeland (Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Middelburg, Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam) where the six Chambers of the VOC were based and where most of the commanders came from.
They're the second largest source of VOC emissions into the atmosphere after automobiles and painters regularly exposed to paint vapours have an increased incidence of several types of cancers, impaired brain function, renal dysfunction and other health problems.