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Noun1.vocalisation - the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract; "a singer takes good care of his voice"; "the giraffe cannot make any vocalizations"
communication - something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
sprechgesang, sprechstimme - a style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking
voice over - the voice on an unseen commentator in a film of television program
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He was singing Figaro's famous song in the Barber of Seville, with that crisply fluent vocalisation which is never heard from any other than an Italian throat, accompanying himself on the concertina, which he played with ecstatic throwings-up of his arms, and graceful twistings and turnings of his head, like a fat St.
Data on penguin vocalisation was collected from the St Kilda colony from May to September 2004.
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Vet Mark Evans and a vocalisation expert interpret behaviour and howls.
One memorable order was against Caroline Cartwright, of Washington, who was banned from "shouting, screaming or vocalisation" during sex romps with husband Steve.
MUSCAT: When the New Scientist recently reported that an international team, led by Mark Fischer, has developed a new way to illustrate whale song, officials of Oman Whale and Dolphin Research Group, which counts and tracks marine mammals through the waters, has intensified its efforts to study the vocalisation of whales and dolphins.
A team of American researchers recorded every vocalisation (around a million syllables per bird) made by 12 young male zebra finches over several months, as they got to grips with learning to imitate songs.
During the first part of the study the researchers monitored how often the babies made vocal noises and how their mothers reacted to each vocalisation. Later, the mothers' responses were manipulated.
During the first part of the study, the researchers monitored how often the babies made vocal noises and how their mothers reacted to each vocalisation.
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Caroline Cartwright, 49, was in court again for breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning her from "shouting, screaming or vocalisation" during romps with her husband Steve.
London, Mar 3 ( ANI ): Blue whales can be affected even by sounds that are outside their vocalisation range, according to a new study.