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1. Of or relating to the production of sound through the mouth: the vertebrate vocal organs; a vocal defect.
2. Uttered or produced by the voice: vocal sounds.
3. Full of voices; resounding: a playground vocal with the shouts and laughter of children.
4. Tending to express oneself often or freely; outspoken: a vocal critic of city politics.
5. Linguistics
a. Of or resembling vowels; vocalic.
b. Voiced.
6. Music Of, relating to, or performed by singing: vocal training; vocal music.
1. A vocal sound.
2. often vocals A part or melody that is sung in a musical performance or recording: The drummer does the lead vocal on that song.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin vōcālis, from vōx, vōc-, voice; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

vo′cal·ly adv.
vo′cal·ness n.
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Adv.1.vocally - in a vocal manner; "she defended herself vocally"
munnlega; fullum rómi
sesli olarak


[ˈvəʊkəlɪ] ADV
1. (Mus) → vocalmente
2. (= vociferously) → ruidosamente


[ˈvəʊkəli] adv
(= vociferously) → haut et fort


mündlich; the tune has now been done vocally by …die Melodie wurde jetzt auch gesungen von …
(= outspokenly) support, opposeklar und deutlich


(ˈvəukəl) adjective
1. of, or concerning, the voice. vocal music.
2. (of a person) talkative; keen to make one's opinions heard by other people. He's always very vocal at meetings.
voˈcally adverb
ˈvocalist noun
a singer. a female vocalist.
vocal cords
folds of membrane in the larynx that produce the sounds used in speech, singing etc when vibrated.
References in classic literature ?
There comes a day at last, when, while the wonted Marriage Chorus goes forth from universal Lineland, the three far-off Lovers suddenly find themselves in exact harmony, and, before they are awake, the wedded Triplet is rapt vocally into a duplicate embrace; and Nature rejoices over one more marriage and over three more births.
Vocally she is on point and ballads like Consequences and Something's Gotta Give will soon be roaring up the charts.
Vocally, his was the strongest performance in the production.
Last year, Young, who has vocally opposed oilsands development, held similar Honour the Treaties concerts in cities across Canada, including Calgary.
She was the star turn, relishing this vocally fearsome role and emphasizing the tigerish ferocity which made her a memorable WNO Tosca.
A BEATBOXER has vocally recreated the nation's bestknown songbirds to celebrate the sounds of Spring and encourage people in Yorkshire to get outdoors.
Ten months before the fifth presidential elections in Macedonia, the possibility of reducing or erasing altogether the turnout threshold in electing the head of state is being speculated ever more vocally.
The noisy Derek Turnbull explained: "We formed a specific singing area on the Lower Gwladys last season, for fans who want to get behind the team more vocally than others.
In this case, the duty will push up rice prices just when the Iranian public is carping very vocally about the many other food prices that have soared recently.
He portrays the right image and acts the part of a rock star off stage but doesn't back it up vocally and again bookmakers look to have the right elimination favourite.
He added: "When we did the track I heard her on it and knew vocally she'd smash it.
MatthewGrindulis gave a remarkably confident performance as Valjean and coped heroically with a vocally demanding role.