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Noun1.vocational program - a program of vocational education
educational program - a program for providing education
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He became involved in PVA's Operation PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment) vocational program and went on to pursue a new career in advocacy for veterans with disabilities.
"This vocational program is designed to educate aspiring craftsmen so they can become more knowledgeable and confident as they enter the workforce."
President Aquino, on the last day of his state visit to Canada, raised the possibility of enrolling at the government's technical vocational program after sharing the success story of a Filipino mechanic during a meeting with the Filipino migrant workers in Vancouver, Canada.
His guidance counselor referred him to a vocational program, which he attended for three years.
Commenting on a new vocational program jointly undertaken by the government and Turkey's Union of Chambers and stock Exchanges (TOBB), Simsek said they would provide training to one million citizens.
In Kompong Cham, Cambodia, women learn to make sweets in a vocational program at the Society of St.
Vocational program students with high grades acquire SPCE certificate and Diploma with qualification of the 3rd rank of Vocational School #87, Naryn.TVET is implemented on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding on vocational training signed between the University of Central Asia and State Agency for Professional and Vocational Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Contextual factors such as the availability of day services, funding resources, and the capacity of a vocational program to serve a new consumer may influence immediate post-high school career plans (Hilton & Gerlach, 1997).
Since 1997, Petal has enrolled 45 students in an unusual two-year vocational program in Polymer/Plastic Technology.
vocational program and place students in good paying jobs.
IN OCTOBER, THE SOUTHERN ARIzona HBA (SAHBA) co-sponsored a high school vocational program in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity Tucson and local Tucson high schools to build its latest Habitat for Humanity house.

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