vodka martini

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: martini - martini made with vodka rather than ginvodka martini - martini made with vodka rather than gin
vodka - unaged colorless liquor originating in Russia
martini - a cocktail made of gin (or vodka) with dry vermouth
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FAVOURITE CAR: Aston Martin FAVOURITE TIPPLE: Laphroaig whisky FAVOURITE WOMAN: Camilla BEST FRIENDS: His organically-grown delphiniums FAVOURITE WEAPON: 12-bore shotgun KILLS: Numerous grouse, partridges, pheasants, assorted wildfowl and the odd stag d FAVOURITE CAR: Aston Martin FAVOURITE TIPPLE: Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred FAVOURITE WOMAN: Pussy Galore BEST FRIEND: CIA operative Felix Leiter FAVOURITE WEAPON: Walther PPK pistol KILLS: Numerous international spies, terrorists, criminal masterminds and henchmen LIVE & LET DAI Prince of Wales and Daniel Craig pose with the movies' motors
* Shaken Not Stirred - make your own gin or vodka martini with the alcohol and tools in this basket
Even so, the vodka martini jumped 17 places in Drinks International's list of best-selling cocktails for 2018--disproving the old saw that vodka taste doesn't matter, since it's just going to get mixed with orange juice anyway.
Having read every Ian Fleming novel and watched every film many, many times - well, Octopussy a couple of times - I have an obvious love of his signature drink, the vodka martini shaken not stirred and the drink he invented in Casino Royale in 1953 - The Vesper!
A vodka martini is an odorless, colorless drink that can be a part of any low-carb diet if it's dry.
The drinks included the Negroni, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Gin Martini and Vodka Martini.
Two of the seven Mules currently served at ViewHouse are vodka based, and there's also a mostly vodka Martini menu (priced $9 to $10), as well as drinks using both house-infused and branded vodkas on the specialty cocktail menu.
Flavours to choose from included beer, vodka Martini, tequila sorbet and bacon - yes bacon.
My only condition would be that we switch the vodka Martini for a pint of bitter - hand pulled and definitely not stirred.
There is no such thing as a vodka martini. We understand that people order them, but what you are ordering is a long shot of vodka.
Anything and everything I can try, I do." That includes a popcorn vodka martini with a Fiddle--Faddle candy rim and butterscotch bourbon milkshake with Werther's Original candies.