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But after demanding to be taken to Monklands Hospital, Airdrie, doctors found part of her voice box was covering her windpipe.
Mr Mehanna said: "This means that we can, in those patients, preserve most of the voice box or tongue, limiting the effects of treatment, causing much less damage to surrounding tissue and preserving voice and speech."
SCIENTISTS have developed an artificial voice box that could dramatically improve the lives of throat cancer patients.
The voice box, or larynx, is a funnel-shaped organ held together by rubbery cartilage, it houses the vocal cords and throat muscles, and connects the base of the neck to an air tube called the trachea.
This is normally a symptom of inflammation of the voice box and vocal cords caused by a self-limiting viral infection (laryngitis).
Despite the anatomical ties between pig and human hyoids, only humans possess a voice box positioned low in the neck and a vocal tract capable of producing speech sounds, Reidenberg says.
She could be one of the first patients to benefit from the injected biogel, which is designed to vibrate in the voice box like real vocal cords.
Adrenaline can affect the levels of oxygen in the voice box. It is this subtle change that the system can pick up on with the on-screen chart turning red to alert staff to a potential liar.
After watching Lulu in a re-run of C4's Top Ten Pop Princesses on Monday, maybe she'd consider having a reconstructive doc look at her voice box.
In fact, the habit is associated with an increased risk of six cancers affecting the lungs, colon, voice box, throat and pancreas.
FLAMES which flared out of a man during an operation at Wrexham to remove his voice box played no part in his death months later but traumatised the medical team, an inquest was told yesterday.
It's basically a childhood version of laryngitis, and the characteristic hoarseness and barking cough are caused by inflammation of the lining of the throat and the voice box. Young children have very small throats and voice boxes and inflammation can cause significant narrowing and restriction of airflow which is why children with croup often make strange noises on breathing in (stridor).