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Noun1.voice communication - (language) communication by word of mouthvoice communication - (language) communication by word of mouth; "his speech was garbled"; "he uttered harsh language"; "he recorded the spoken language of the streets"
language, linguistic communication - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "he taught foreign languages"; "the language introduced is standard throughout the text"; "the speed with which a program can be executed depends on the language in which it is written"
auditory communication - communication that relies on hearing
words - the words that are spoken; "I listened to his words very closely"
orthoepy, pronunciation - the way a word or a language is customarily spoken; "the pronunciation of Chinese is difficult for foreigners"; "that is the correct pronunciation"
conversation - the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc.
give-and-take, discussion, word - an exchange of views on some topic; "we had a good discussion"; "we had a word or two about it"
locution, saying, expression - a word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations; "pardon the expression"
non-standard speech - speech that differs from the usual accepted, easily recognizable speech of native adult members of a speech community
idiolect - the language or speech of one individual at a particular period in life
monologue - a long utterance by one person (especially one that prevents others from participating in the conversation)
magic spell, magical spell, charm, spell - a verbal formula believed to have magical force; "he whispered a spell as he moved his hands"; "inscribed around its base is a charm in Balinese"
dictation - speech intended for reproduction in writing
monologue, soliloquy - speech you make to yourself
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I am pleased about the successful cooperation with the NATO Communications and Information Agency in setting up the new voice communication system at the National Armed Forces' air base," said Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (For Development/For).
Cloud9 Technologies is a voice communication and analytics platform designed for the needs of the financial markets.
Orion Labs, the award-winning mobile voice communication platform for teams, has announced strategic public safety alliances with ResponderXLabs and the FirstNet Association (FNA).
Another important component of the system was said to be R and S VCS-4G, Voice communication system.
Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new voice- over-power line communication (PLC) solution that enables both data communication and voice communication capabilities over existing power networks.
Karachi -- A contract has been signed between PCAA & M/s Wateen Telecom for hiring of managed services of CPDLC (controller pilot data link communication) through SITA network of data and voice communication. This will help radar controller to establish a data and voice communication from Karachi and Lahore on 24/7 through 365 days basis.
There are problems with voice communication services of Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and Mail.Ru Agent in Uzbekistan since the end of last week, reported Uzbek Service of RFE/RL.
SAMSoft iS700 improves voice recognition and voice communication, especially in noisy and heavy human traffic environments such as a cafe, restaurant or airport, by leveraging the availability of multiple (two or more) microphones that are being widely adopted by manufacturers of today's notebooks and ultrabooks.
Meanwhile, it becomes possible to achieve low-power and low bandwidth voice communication in WSNs with compression ratio improvement and power consumption reduction [8].
Voice communication is an extremely critical and yet often an ignored aspect of business.