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Capable of being voided and especially annulled: voidable contracts.

void′a·ble·ness n.


1. capable of being voided
2. (Law) capable of being made of no legal effect or made void
ˈvoidableness n
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Adj.1.voidable - capable of being rescinded or voided; "the judgment was rescindable"; "voidable contracts"
revocable, revokable - capable of being revoked or annulled; "a revocable order"
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Where the debtor has fewer than 12 otherwise eligible unsecured creditors, excluding claims held by an employee, insider and any party that received a voidable transfer, such as a preference or fraudulent conveyance, one or two unsecured creditors, with a claim or claims totaling at least $15,775, (based on the current statutory minimum), that are not contingent as to liability and not subject to a bona fide dispute as to liability or amount, may file an involuntary bankruptcy petition.
I make the point that in law, if one party induces a contract by misleading the other party, that contract is voidable, and likewise when you are buying a house you are not committed until the surveyor has delivered his report.
On the other hand, lawyer Binu Tamta, representing the State of India, citing marriage laws averred that wedlock between children was voidable, and that child marriage was a reality in India because of the poor socio-economic conditions and that protecting the institution of marriage was a priority.
The complaint also alleged that Bloom"improperly and negligently collected over $30,000,000 in voidable contingent fees" from his variable income over the years without a legally binding contract under California law.
The court criticised the fact that Protection of Child Marriage Act makes child marriage only voidable, that is, the burden is placed on the child bride to approach a court to declare her marriage a nullity.
Many social commentators feel that the government should first ban child marriages in toto rather than declaring them voidable.
Fault divorce, on the other hand, can be likened to the annulment of voidable marriage or declaration of nullity of void marriage in the Philippines because the petitioner must specifically cite the ground for the dissolution of marriage.
For example: the right of presenting the statement of acceptance of inheritance gives the heir the possibility of accepting the inheritance or to give it up; the party's right to terminate a contract gives it the opportunity to end the legal relationship which the contract had created between the parties; the right of pre-emption; the right to retract; the right "of communization" a wall which separates two neighboring concepts; the right to consent to the contract, acquired by the beneficiary of a unilateral promise to contract; the right to confirm a voidable act; the creditor's right to make a choice between judicial and non-judicial unilateral rescission, under the provisions of article1550 of paragraph 1 of the New Civil Code etc.
sufficient trust administration in DAPT situs); strong publicly policy reasons for not recognizing the DAPT; and the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act.
The working groups second report focuses on two important areas, voidable transactions and whether the procedures for dealing with the liquidation of Ponzi schemes can be improved.
It is essential to bear in mind that private agent service by a non-qualified professional may be quashed in the originating Court and any judgment obtained on the basis of service by a non-qualified person may be unenforceable, or may be voidable, because it is illegal under French law.
When Mistake of One Party Makes a Contract Voidable.