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Capable of being voided and especially annulled: voidable contracts.

void′a·ble·ness n.
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1. capable of being voided
2. (Law) capable of being made of no legal effect or made void
ˈvoidableness n
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Adj.1.voidable - capable of being rescinded or voided; "the judgment was rescindable"; "voidable contracts"
revocable, revokable - capable of being revoked or annulled; "a revocable order"
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"The marriage between the petitioner, Vinod Kumar, and the opposite party, Kundan Kumari, allegedly solemnised on December 3, 2017, is hereby declared voidable and accordingly marriage is hereby annulled by a decree of nullity," the court order reads.
The ACCC has also again recommended unfair contract terms should be prohibited and should attract civil pecuniary penalties, and not just be voidable as they are now.
A contract entered into by a minor is considered voidable. It means it remains valid and binding unless annulled by the court, but is susceptible of ratification by the minor himself upon reaching majority age.
Among specific topics are the California Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, custody terminology, trust income and support obligations, protecting paycheck from spouse's premarital debt, voidable marriage, litigation against police for failure to enforce intimate partner protective order, child abuse reporting laws, and proceedings in juvenile court.
Guzman also said the deal had 'void and voidable' provisions, aside from the ones earlier raised by former Bayan Muna Rep.
improving provisions applicable to treatment of contracts and voidable transactions; and
Where a plaintiff has filed suit seeking to void a foreclosure sale, the complaint must be dismissed, as the plaintiff lacks standing to challenge allegedly voidable assignments.
The Board of Public Works, which did not have toapprove the initial contract, can also determine that the contract is voidable rather than void and allow the parties toratifytheir agreement and continue work.
Contracts entered into by TRAL or Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment Inc., the operator of Okada Manila in the Philippines, may be found to be unenforceable or voidable, and may prejudice the public, Okada's lawyers said.
We also affirm the court's summary judgment dismissing the fraudulent transfer claims against the Veritas entities on the ground that Lunda implicitly concedes that the asset transfer that it challenges cannot be "voidable" under pertinent statutes because the transfer resulted from the enforcement of security interests.
The failure of the priest to make an affidavit of marriage in articulo mortis and to file it does not render the marriage voidable.