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1. Flying or capable of flying: volant mammals.
2. Moving quickly or nimbly; agile.
3. Heraldry Depicted with the wings extended as in flying.

[Latin volāns, volant-, present participle of volāre, to fly. Sense 3, from French, from Old French, present participle of voler, to fly, from Latin volāre.]


1. (Heraldry) (usually postpositive) heraldry in a flying position
2. rare flying or capable of flight
3. poetic moving lightly or agilely; nimble
[C16: from French: flying, from voler to fly, from Latin volāre]


(ˈvoʊ lənt)

1. engaged in or having the power of flight.
2. moving lightly; nimble.
3. (of a heraldic bird) having the wings extended for flight.
[1500–10; < French, present participle of voler to fly < Latin volāre]
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Adj.1.volant - with wings extended in a flying position
heraldry - the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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He lookd and saw a spacious Plaine, whereon Were Tents of various hue; by some were herds Of Cattel grazing: others, whence the sound Of Instruments that made melodious chime Was heard, of Harp and Organ; and who moovd Thir stops and chords was seen: his volant touch Instinct through all proportions low and high Fled and pursu'd transverse the resonant fugue.
tement le volant dans des situations bien prAaAaAeA@cises, dans bouchons ou sur autoroute par exemple.
Rowling founded and is president of the Lumos Foundation, who work to stop the practice of children being held in institutions, and also established the Volant Charitable Trust, who support good causes at home and abroad.
Il convient donc plus que jamais de redoubler de prudence au volant durant cette periode.
Volant said the collection of Soldiers brings closer an initiative Army leaders have been pushing for.
Before forming LAUNCH as one of its owners, he led Volant Aerospace as its President and CFO.
Je dois juste etre sur de faire le bon choix afin de continuer a prendre du plaisir au volant.
One such startup on the crowdfunding platform is an ambitious project called Volant Sound, a London based startup looking to raise [pounds sterling]100,000 pounds (Rs.
5bn and will see China Volant Industry Co take delivery of 20,000 Saab 9-3 electric sedans between 2017 and 2020.
Review CONCERT: Trio Volant and Leanne Cody VENUE: St.
Different groups of non- volant small mammals respond to disturbances differently because of their different habits (Fisher and Wilkinson, 2005).
L'avion positionne pour une autre approche de la piste 25L a signale qu'il avait perdu le volant d'orientation de la roue de nez, mais a atterri en toute securite sur la piste 25L environ 15 minutes apres l'abandon de la premiere approche.