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intr. & tr.v. vol·a·til·ized, vol·a·til·iz·ing, vol·a·til·iz·es
1. To become or make volatile.
2. To evaporate or cause to evaporate.

vol′a·til·iz′a·ble adj.
vol′a·til·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
vol′a·til·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.volatilizable - (used of substances) capable of being volatilized
volatile - evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures; "volatile oils"; "volatile solvents"
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Por ultimo, en los ensayos con placas no divididas, toda aquella inhibicion del crecimiento que ocurriese antes del contacto entre el antagonista y el fitopatogeno sera debido al efecto sinergico de los compuestos extracelulares producidos tanto de naturaleza permeable como volatilizable.
During the first heating stage (non-oxidizing atmosphere), volatilizable organic compounds are removed from the filter and non-volatilizable organic compounds are pyrolyzed to form light-absorbing char.
Then these tablets were subjected to sublimation, by placing in a hot air oven at 60[degrees] C for 2h to generate a porous matrix, due to removal of volatilizable component (15,16).