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n. pl. vol·ca·noes or vol·ca·nos
a. An opening in the earth's crust from which lava, ash, and hot gases flow or are ejected during an eruption.
b. A similar opening on the surface of another celestial object.
2. A usually cone-shaped mountain formed from the materials issuing from such an opening.

[Italian, from Spanish volcán or Portuguese volcão, both probably from Latin volcānus, vulcānus, fire, flames, from Volcānus, Vulcan.]
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See also geology; mountains.

the phenomena connected with volcanoes and volcanic activity. Also vulcanism.volcanist, n.
Geology. the scientific study of volcanoes and volcanic phenomena. Also vulcanology.volcanologist, n. — volcanologic, volcanological, adj.
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It is supposed that these vast plains are strewn with blocks of lava from the neighboring volcanoes on its right, Ptolemy, Purbach, Arzachel.
Subsequently we saw the lofty-peaked Corcovado -- well deserving the name of "el famoso Corcovado." Thus we beheld, from one point of view, three great active volcanoes, each about seven thousand feet high.
Volcanoes, so plentiful in the first days of the world, are being extinguished by degrees; the internal heat is weakened, the temperature of the lower strata of the globe is lowered by a perceptible quantity every century to the detriment of our globe, for its heat is its life."
Here palms, alpacas, and volcanoes; sun's disks and stars; ecliptics, horns-of-plenty, and rich banners waving, are in luxuriant profusion stamped; so that the precious gold seems almost to derive an added preciousness and enhancing glories, by passing through those fancy mints, so Spanishly poetic.
At present, there are 365 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan.
Mud volcanoes erupt one to three times annually around this time of year in Pingtung, reported CNA.
Volcanoes target Olympics, SEAG !-- -- Olmin Leyba (The Philippine Star) - December 30, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Pinoy rugby players seek to build on their 2018 success as they brace for a hectic year ahead highlighted by the qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics and the golden bid at the Southeast Asian Games.
The Philippine Volcanoes, backed by headline sponsors SEAPAC Philippines (SPI) and First Pacific, banked on a second-half rally to secure the first match in the Division 1 Asia Rugby Championships.
This explains why some of the other Hawaiian islands have dormant volcanoes. They were once over the hotspot millions of years ago, but have since moved away.
This was to hold a forum on the volcanoes of Bicol upon the invitation of the university's Institute of Bicol History and Culture in cooperation with the university press.