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1. Flying or capable of flying.
2. Moving about rapidly.

[Latin volitāns, volitant-, present participle of volitāre, to fly to and fro, frequentative of volāre, to fly.]


1. flying or moving about rapidly
2. capable of flying
[C19: from Latin volitāre to flit, from volāre to fly]
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Our man on the Lincolnshire Wolds reports that Given also has charge of VOLITANT, a promising filly who is a half- sister to several winners including sprinter, Volata.
Notwithstanding the volitant simmerings of Gershwin's right-sided tumor, his left brain could have assumed, over time, essential functions of his musical genius, allowing for his terminal inventiveness.
430), Bede gives the wicked spirits the power of flight: |Qui volucres coeli sive quia coelestis spiritalisque sint naturae, seu quia per aera volitant, appellantur.