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1. The act of making a conscious choice or decision: He left of his own volition.
2. The power or faculty of choosing; the will: as long as I can exercise my volition.

[French, from Medieval Latin volitiō, volitiōn-, from Latin velle, vol-, to wish; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

vo·li′tion·al adj.
vo·li′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.volitional - with deliberate intention; "a volitional act"
willing - disposed or inclined toward; "a willing participant"; "willing helpers"


1. Done by one's own choice:
2. Of or relating to free exercise of the will:


adjWillens-, willentlich; controldes Willens; volitional actWillensakt m
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Conditions for volitional movement: Crystallizing one's ascending or descending movement, human volitional behaviours stem from one's instinctive and natural tendencies.
Bleeding on Marginal Probing (BOMP), brushing and flossing behaviors (primary outcomes), and social cognitive determinants of behavior change (outcome expectancies, action and volitional self-efficacy, intention, and planning) were evaluated at baseline, four and eight months later.
There is no question that the government has presented clear and convincing evidence of Bell's ongoing volitional impairment.
Federal Insurance Co., the court found in favor of the insured under both the computer fraud and funds transfer fraud insuring agreements despite the fact that the loss at issue arose from an employee's volitional transfer of funds based on the emailed instructions of a fraudster posing as the company president.
The presented technique is based on an array of recording and stimulation electrodes on the forearm, used to acquire sEMG signals from five hand motion patterns from six able-bodied subjects, and the effects of this technique over functional electrical stimulation (FES) and volitional sEMG combinations.
The graded exercise test consisted of 60 RPM cycling, beginning at a resistance of 100 W and increased linearly at a rate of 0.667 W/second; participants were instructed to cycle until volitional fatigue.
Kennedy introduces fundamental foundational truths and principles which allow God to infiltrate and change every facet of our lives, as we diligently seek his presence, and make a volitional surrender to the Lordship of Christ.
The biggest ticket item was a "volitional" fish passage system at Trail Bridge Dam.
Despite the many and varied injuries and illnesses associated with PBA, Lauterbach et al (10) noted patterns that suggest dysregulation of 2 distinct but interconnected brain pathways: an emotional pathway controlled by a separate volitional pathway.
Prospectively with this transducing brainwave into volitional movements, it can be a possibility that in future paraplegics would be able to move their robotic harnesses with the power of thought.