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Noun1.volleyball court - the court on which volleyball is playedvolleyball court - the court on which volleyball is played
court - a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played; "players had to reserve a court in advance"
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of volleyball court with synthetic surface and allied accessories at beg and centre, kirkee
In a rare moment where she allowed an interview to stray past the lines of the volleyball court, Alyssa Valdez opened up for the first time about her rivalry with fellow superstar Mika Reyes and the internet trolls who pose as her followers on social media.
Courts will be set up on four sites across Newcastle - including a beach volleyball court on the Quayside complete with its own sand.
These would include converting a Leith Links green into a beach volleyball court.
The facilities, which are free for the community to use, include 12 mini football fields, six basketball courts and one volleyball court, which have been installed in different parts of Aspire Zone by Aspire Logistics, a member organisation of Aspire Zone Foundation.
THE Duchess of Cambridge was praised for her prowess on the volleyball court as she played in a pair of towering wedge shoes.
As reported, Redcar and Cleveland Council ruffled feathers in the seaside town when, unannounced, turf was dug up in Saltburn's Valley Gardens to prepare for a volleyball court after the authority received gear from Volleyball England.
The projects yesterday included weeding the volleyball court at the park, painting its street hockey rinks and picking up litter.
More than 200 tonnes of sand will be dumped into the square as it is transformed into a volleyball court for the four-day extravaganza.
Project amenities among the five phases include two swimming pools, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, and a central laundry facility.
How can you tell when a sand volleyball court has lived past its prime?
from the backboard (approximately the volleyball court line in the free-throw lane).