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Noun1.volleyball court - the court on which volleyball is playedvolleyball court - the court on which volleyball is played
court - a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played; "players had to reserve a court in advance"
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The owners of Pub 72 Bar & Grill in Gilberts said they are looking forward to installing a sand volleyball court next month, pending final approval by the village board.
Teams from Italy and the Czech Republic entered the volleyball court in Group B.
Returning from an injury that kept her off the volleyball court for more than a year, Gonzaga capped off a resounding return with a clutch performance that led the Lady Troopers to a podium finish.
The field of throwball is similar to a volleyball court, he said, adding, the playing court is somewhat larger than a volleyball court at 12.20 by 18.30 metres (40.03 ft x 60.04 ft) with a neutral box 1 metre (3 ft 3.37 in) on either side of the centre.
The project includes a pop-up beach with more than 150 tons of sand with umbrellas, lounge chairs, a sand volleyball court and outdoor games.
Isa Molde could return to the volleyball court as early as the first week of April after tests showed that she did not suffer considerable damage on her left ankle.
Qatar Foundation staffers in action on the volleyball court.
The park has children's playing areas, three football fields, one volleyball court, greenery, toilets, a plaza and a running track.
The community, which has undergone significant capital improvements since 2012, has an outdoor pool, tennis courts, volleyball court, putting green and playground.
These would include converting a Leith Links green into a beach volleyball court.
And while rivalries might exist on the volleyball court and athletic fields, those sentiments were trumped when several local schools joined Valley Tech in supporting King and her breast cancer advocacy.