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n. pl. vol·leys
a. A simultaneous discharge of a number of bullets or other projectiles.
b. The bullets or projectiles so discharged.
2. A group of remarks, expressions, or actions directed toward a certain recipient or audience: a volley of oaths; a volley of laughter.
3. Sports
a. An exchange of strokes in a court game, such as volleyball, ending when one side fails to make a good return and resulting in a point or the loss of service.
b. A stroke, kick, or other strike of the ball made before the ball touches the ground.
c. The flight of a ball before it touches the ground: kicked the soccer ball on the volley.
v. vol·leyed, vol·ley·ing, vol·leys
1. To discharge (projectiles) in a volley: volleyed musket shots at the attackers.
2. Sports To strike (a tennis ball, for example) before it touches the ground.
3. To direct or send in a mass or series: volleyed insults at each other.
1. To be discharged in a volley.
2. Sports To make a volley, especially in tennis.
3. To move or be directed rapidly, forcefully, or loudly in a mass or series: The hailstones volleyed down. Charges and countercharges volleyed through the courtroom.

[French volée, from Old French, from voler, to fly, from Latin volāre.]

vol′ley·er n.
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Shaun Maloney had volleyed Villa in front before he capitalised on a Petr Cech gaffe to put the visitors two up (top).
From just short of halfway, the Inter Milan midfielder volleyed a headed clearance from keeper Manuel Neuer into the empty net during a 5-2 defeat.
But where does Cisse's sizzler belong in the pantheon of great Newcastle United volleyed goals?
Jamie Cureton shot wide for the hosts and Orient came agonisingly close to an equaliser in stoppage time when Lee Cook volleyed against the crossbar.
Dexter Blackstock volleyed the visitors into the lead after 18 minutes and Radoslaw Malewski volleyed home a contender for goal of the season before Chris Cohen struck from the edge of the area to put Forest into a 3-0 lead by the 64th minute.
Ibrahimovic replaced Thierry Henry early in the second half and fired Barca in front less than five minutes later as he volleyed home Dani Alves' cross.
Brett Pitman volleyed home an early opener before Sammy Igoe's half-hit shot doubled the hosts' lead in the 20th minute.
In a frantic opening, the visitors saw Darren Wright fire a deflected strike narrowly wide in the sixth minute while Paul Hallows volleyed over from 30 yards five minutes later after
Six minutes from time Evans helped on another long ball and McPhee volleyed over with only Mansfield keeper Jason White to beat.