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 (vōl-tā′ĭk, vŏl-)
1. Of, relating to, or being electricity or electric current produced by chemical action; galvanic.
2. Producing electricity by chemical action.

[After Count Alessandro Volta.]


(General Physics) another word for galvanic1


1. (Placename) of or relating to Burkina Faso, formerly known as Upper Volta
2. (Languages) denoting, belonging to, or relating to the Gur group of African languages
(Languages) this group of languages. See also Gur


(vɒlˈteɪ ɪk, voʊl-)

of or pertaining to electricity or electric currents, esp. when produced by chemical action, as in a cell; galvanic.
[1805–15; after A. Volta; see -ic]
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Noun1.Voltaic - a group of Niger-Congo languages spoken primarily in southeastern Mali and northern Ghana
Niger-Congo - a family of African language spoken in west Africa
Adj.1.voltaic - pertaining to or producing electric current by chemical actionvoltaic - pertaining to or producing electric current by chemical action; "a galvanic cell"; "a voltaic (or galvanic) couple"
electricity - a physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons


[vɒlˈteɪɪk] ADJvoltaico


adjvoltaisch, galvanisch; voltaic cellgalvanisches Element
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I cannot describe the effect of the voltaic rays upon the great blocks so capriciously cut; upon every angle, every ridge, every facet was thrown a different light, according to the nature of the veins running through the ice; a dazzling mine of gems, particularly of sapphires, their blue rays crossing with the green of the emerald.
Mazarin bounded in his bed as if he had been put in relation with a Leyden jar or a voltaic pile, at the same time that a surprise, or rather a manifest disappointment, inflamed his features with such a blaze of anger, that Louis XIV.
Hereupon it was agreed to postpone the internal examination until the next evening; and we were about to separate for the present, when some one suggested an experiment or two with the Voltaic pile.
The bank was awarded for commercial lending for projects by financing Strathmore University in 2014 through a Green Fund at concessionary rates to secure the largest rooftop photo voltaic power plant.
p capacity solar photo voltaic submersible pump set (900 watt) along with 900 watt peak capacity solar photo voltaic array panels including boring of new bore well supply and delivery of approved quality materials with all
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Union Textile Ministry has recently announced Solar Energy Scheme for small power loom units, on Grid Solar Photo Voltaic Plant (without battery backup) and Off Grid Solar Photo Voltaic Plant (with battery backup), where the Government will provide Rs.
Home energy, Pool heating, Radiant Barrier Attic systems, Photo Voltaic panels are all specialties.
The first initiative is to encourage households and building owners to instal photo voltaic solar panels to produce electricity.
Among IPVIC's members are German companies Voltaic Network GmbH, Antaris Solar GmbH and private investor Milos Schubert, as well as Luxembourg-based Radiance Energy Holding.
Voltaic Solaire unveiled New York City's greenest building in September.
Auto Business News-August 1, 2012--Mitsubishi Motors in the UK installs Photo Voltaic solar electric generating system in UK headquarters(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The install, which was designed by Green developer Voltaic Solaire, is the first mixed-use private development in New York City to combine solar and wind energy, meeting 100% of The Delta's energy needs—generating its own electricity, hot water and heat.