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1. Marked by a ready flow of speech; fluent.
a. Turning easily on an axis; rotating.
b. Botany Twining or twisting: a voluble vine.

[Middle English, moving easily, from Old French, from Latin volūbilis, revolving, fluent, from volvere, to roll; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

vol′u·bil′i·ty, vol′u·ble·ness n.
vol′u·bly adv.
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Adv.1.volubly - in a chatty mannervolubly - in a chatty manner; "`when I was a girl,' she said chattily, `I used to ride a bicycle'"
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[ˈvɒljʊblɪ] ADV [speak, talk] → locuazmente; [write] → prolijamente
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advwortreich; to talk volublysehr redselig sein
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He was listening, with a good-humored, negligent air, half comic, half contemptuous, to Haley, who was very volubly expatiating on the quality of the article for which they were bargaining.
Micawber continued talking as volubly as he could; but not, I thought, without showing, by some marks of concern in his countenance, that he was sensible of sounds in the next room, as of Mrs.
The Frenchman then began chattering volubly, and the General supported him; but I recommended the former to read, for example, extracts from the memoirs of General Perovski, who, in
"The singing part of this organ comes off the wheels." He spoke volubly to the proprietor.
He did not talk volubly, but Alice thought what he did say was worth while.
Inspector Gilder had opened his mouth with serious intentions, but before he could speak the grotesque figure on the floor had gone on quite volubly.
When the servants had withdrawn, they began to talk for a while volubly but very low; then they went upstairs quietly, Mr.
The other assented with enthusiasm, enlarging volubly on the beauties of the situation.
She can express displeasure, volubly, in two or three languages; that's what it is to be intellectual.
As soon as his voice could carry he cursed him volubly.
In the darkness of the hallway Jimmie discerned a knot of women talking volubly. When he strode by they paid no attention to him.
After these secret scenes I chattered more than ever, going on volubly enough till one of our prodigious, palpable hushes occurred-- I can call them nothing else--the strange, dizzy lift or swim (I try for terms!) into a stillness, a pause of all life, that had nothing to do with the more or less noise that at the moment we might be engaged in making and that I could hear through any deepened exhilaration or quickened recitation or louder strum of the piano.