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1. Marked by a ready flow of speech; fluent.
a. Turning easily on an axis; rotating.
b. Botany Twining or twisting: a voluble vine.

[Middle English, moving easily, from Old French, from Latin volūbilis, revolving, fluent, from volvere, to roll; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

vol′u·bil′i·ty, vol′u·ble·ness n.
vol′u·bly adv.
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Adv.1.volubly - in a chatty mannervolubly - in a chatty manner; "`when I was a girl,' she said chattily, `I used to ride a bicycle'"


[ˈvɒljʊblɪ] ADV [speak, talk] → locuazmente; [write] → prolijamente


advwortreich; to talk volublysehr redselig sein
References in classic literature ?
In the darkness of the hallway Jimmie discerned a knot of women talking volubly.
After these secret scenes I chattered more than ever, going on volubly enough till one of our prodigious, palpable hushes occurred-- I can call them nothing else--the strange, dizzy lift or swim (I try for terms
And they walked off together, Passepartout chatting volubly as they went along.
said the German, searching in his friend's face for responding admiration, but going on volubly without waiting for any other answer.
As the boat disappeared about a bend in the river Rajah Muda Saffir arose, shaking his fist in the direction it had vanished and, cursing anew and volubly, damned each separate hair in the heads of the faithless Barunda and the traitorous Ninaka.
It was in a way akin to that common habit of men and women troubled by real or fancied grievances, who periodically and volubly break their long-suffering silence and "have their say" till the last word is said.
His desire to kill strengthened with the days, and he cherished hungry ambitions for the squirrel that chattered so volubly and always informed all wild creatures that the wolf-cub was approaching.
She's got a way with her, has Susan," she went on quite volubly.
So situated, she was powerless to check Jo, who seemed possessed by a spirit of mischief, and talked away as volubly as the lady.
He was listening, with a good-humored, negligent air, half comic, half contemptuous, to Haley, who was very volubly expatiating on the quality of the article for which they were bargaining.
Micawber continued talking as volubly as he could; but not, I thought, without showing, by some marks of concern in his countenance, that he was sensible of sounds in the next room, as of Mrs.
The Frenchman then began chattering volubly, and the General supported him; but I recommended the former to read, for example, extracts from the memoirs of General Perovski, who, in