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Use of or reliance on volunteers, especially to perform social or educational work in communities.


(Sociology) the principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward


(ˌvɒl ənˈtɪər ɪz əm)

2. the policy or practice of volunteering one's time or services, as for charitable or community work.


the practice or advocacy of working as a volunteer, often with the hope of thereby gaining paid employment in the same field.
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[ˌvɒlənˈtɪərɪzəm] n (mainly US) (= willingness to help) → esprit m d'entraide (= voluntary work) → volontariat m
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Warif, which works to instil a culture of volunteerism among Saudi youth, gathered its selected volunteers, both male and female, recently at the UN House in the diplomatic quarter to honor them as also to acknowledge their valuable contribution toward the society.
Overview : The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide.
A PROGRAMME to introduce volunteerism in schools will be launched from the new term, Education minister Costas Kadis announced yesterday.
On 25 June, Tashkent hosted a round table "Effective Work with Volunteers", organized by UNDP/UNV Project "Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan", to discuss with national partners the Toolkit of Working with VolunteersVolunteering is not uncommon practice for the Uzbek society.
Around 300 members, including 100 from Oman, will be provided a chance to attend the conference, which aims to spearhead volunteerism in various fields," Patricia Mihaly Nabti, IAVE regional representative, said "The three-day conference will be divided in four parts like an opportunity for sharing best practices in volunteering in the Arab region, training of trainers in volunteer management, youth volunteering for youth leaders aged between 18 and 25 years, and corporate volunteering for companies those who want to start volunteering programmes.
com)-- Individuals, organizations and corporations across Massachusetts demonstrate the power of service and volunteerism every day.
Here are three business benefits of volunteerism, a key element of philanthropy in today's insurance industry:
MOHAMED KHOULAIDI DOHA THE first Arabic translation of the United Nations volunteerism report was launched in Doha on Wednesday.
If the money is simply not there, one alternative solution is to provide services "in kind" in the form of increased employee volunteerism for community nonprofit organizations.
The report captures the value of volunteerism on a global scale, the value of solidarity, commitment and respect, and deepens the understanding of the impact that volunteerism can have on our lives.
The festival aims at education youth and equipping them with skills in volunteerism and community work and it will be organized under the title "Volunteerism Pioneers in Yemen.

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