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1. A spiral scroll-like ornament such as that used on an Ionic capital.
a. A spiral formation, such as one of the whorls of a gastropod shell.
b. Any of various marine gastropod mollusks of the family Volutidae, having a spiral, often colorfully marked shell.

[French, from Italian voluta, from Latin volūta, from feminine past participle of volvere, to turn, roll; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

vo·lut′ed (-lo͞o′tĭd) adj.


(ˈvɒljuːt; vəˈluːt)
1. a spiral or twisting turn, form, or object; spiral; whorl
2. (Architecture) Also called: helix a carved ornament, esp as used on an Ionic capital, that has the form of a spiral scroll
3. (Zoology) any of the whorls of the spirally coiled shell of a snail or similar gastropod mollusc
4. (Animals) any tropical marine gastropod mollusc of the family Volutidae, typically having a spiral shell with beautiful markings
5. (General Engineering) a tangential part, resembling the volute of a snail's shell, that collects the fluids emerging from the periphery of a turbine, impeller pump, etc
6. having the form of a volute; spiral
7. (Mechanical Engineering) machinery moving in a spiral path
[C17: from Latin volūta a spiral decoration, from volūtus rolled, from volvere to roll up]



1. a spiral or twisted formation or object.
2. a spiral ornament, found esp. on the capitals of the Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite orders.
3. a horizontal scrolled termination to the handrail of a stair.
a. a turn or whorl of a spiral shell.
b. any of various tropical marine gastropods of the family Volutidae, many having vivid shells.
5. having a volute or rolled-up form.
6. spirally shaped.
[1690–1700; (< French) < Latin volūta, past participle of volvere to turn. See revolve]
vo•lut′ed, adj.
vo•lu′tion, n.
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Noun1.volute - ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the centervolute - ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center
decoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify
2.volute - a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loopsvolute - a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops; "a coil of rope"
hank - a coil of rope or wool or yarn
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"
Adj.1.volute - in the shape of a coilvolute - in the shape of a coil    
coiled - curled or wound (especially in concentric rings or spirals); "a coiled snake ready to strike"; "the rope lay coiled on the deck"


n (Archit) → Volute f
References in classic literature ?
Bynoe saw one in Tierra del Fuego eating a cuttle-fish; and at Low's Harbour, another was killed in the act of carrying to its hole a large volute shell.
The electricians had contrived a catchment pool and a wheel in the torrent close at hand--for the little Mulhausen dynamo with its turbinal volute used by the telegraphists was quite adaptable to water driving, and on the sixth day in the evening the apparatus was in working order and the Prince was calling--weakly, indeed, but calling--to his air-fleet across the empty spaces of the world.
They have audaciously adjusted, in the name of "good taste," upon the wounds of gothic architecture, their miserable gewgaws of a day, their ribbons of marble, their pompons of metal, a veritable leprosy of egg-shaped ornaments, volutes, whorls, draperies, garlands, fringes, stone flames, bronze clouds, pudgy cupids, chubby- cheeked cherubim, which begin to devour the face of art in the oratory of Catherine de Medicis, and cause it to expire, two centuries later, tortured and grimacing, in the boudoir of the Dubarry.
The electric light flooded everything; it was shed from four unpolished globes half sunk in the volutes of the ceiling.
We shall reach, however, more immediately a distinct conception of what the true Poetry is, by mere reference to a few of the simple elements which induce in the Poet himself the poetical effect He recognizes the ambrosia which nourishes his soul in the bright orbs that shine in Heaven--in the volutes of the flower--in the clustering of low shrubberies--in the waving of the grain-fields--in the slanting of tall eastern trees -- in the blue distance of mountains -- in the grouping of clouds-- in the twinkling of half-hidden brooks--in the gleaming of silver rivers --in the repose of sequestered lakes--in the star-mirroring depths of lonely wells.
Contract awarded for Bongrim district repair facility renovation business manufacture and purchase of suction aspiration volute pump
In a radial turbine, air is input at the volute and forced through stationary nozzle blades, and then through the rotational impeller blades.
From literature, it has been found that most of the researches works aim to predict the performance of centrifugal pumps with radial volute and the impeller dimensioning.
Suitable for handling water with small solids and light debris, Subaru semi-trash pumps offer a heavy-duty overhead cam gasoline engine, a large volute discharge opening and dependable performance.
Complying with the latest edition of API 610 standards, the CUP-BB3 pump is an axially split, multi-stage, double volute heavy-duty pump designed for high pressure and high speed service.
The compressor efficiency gain was achieved by advancing the design of the compressor impeller, volute, variable diffuser vanes, inlet guide vanes and controls.
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