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1. A turn or twist about a center; a spiral.
2. Zoology One of the whorls of a spiral gastropod shell.

[From Latin volūtus, past participle of volvere, to turn; see volute.]


1. a rolling, revolving, or spiral form or motion
2. (Zoology) a whorl of a spiral gastropod shell
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Noun1.volution - a rolling or revolving motionvolution - a rolling or revolving motion  
turning, turn - a movement in a new direction; "the turning of the wind"
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The Rail Volution Conference will bring together international industry experts, influencers, and thought-leaders to focus on creating more livable communities through transit.
VOLUTION 184 P 182 13 Aug 177.50 180 178 176 174 7Aug 8 Aug 9Aug 12Aug 13 Aug Volution's full-year results were a breath of fresh air for shareholders, as the ventilation products supplier said its trading was on track.
(Alliance News) - Andy O'Brien will take over as chief financial officer of Volution Group PLC on August 1 after briefly serving as designate from July 24, the company said Wednesday.
1 March 2019 - UK-based Volution Group plc (LSE: FAN), a supplier of ventilation products to the residential and commercial construction markets, has acquired Australia-based Ventair Pty Ltd., the company said.
"Raila will retire from politics at his own volution and that is why we in ODM can't entertain reckless statements from any quarter about his retirement," Atandi said.
Dei Volution Dave, I think Israel have enough of their own weapons including their illegal nuclear weapons.
The continuously looped digital projection Volution, 2011, was the main light source in this room; it showed other performers in a sunny Berlin street, circling one another and jostling in a pantomime of someone intervening between two people fighting.
Returning to host his very os wn Clublife Stage and back by demand is Tisto and Paul van Dyk will return exclusively to host his very own Es volution Arena.
Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris: ALU) (NYSE: ALU), a provider of mobile network infrastructure solutions, today announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Telecom Italia (TI) to engage in a technology development program, including a trial of LTE (Long Term volution) wireless broadband technology.
The conflict has been partially resolved by de volution to Ulster, Scotland and Wa les,but without further devolution to the English regions the process is incomplete and the situation unstable .
"With the computer now a staple in the offica (the volution in office furniture) has been like going from walking to the jet engine, it has changed that much."
Profiled solutions include Aduva Director; Caldera Volution Online; Caldera Volution Manager; Red Hat Network; Turbolinux PowerCockpit; Ximian Red Carpet.