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1. A turn or twist about a center; a spiral.
2. Zoology One of the whorls of a spiral gastropod shell.

[From Latin volūtus, past participle of volvere, to turn; see volute.]


1. a rolling, revolving, or spiral form or motion
2. (Zoology) a whorl of a spiral gastropod shell
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Noun1.volution - a rolling or revolving motionvolution - a rolling or revolving motion  
turning, turn - a movement in a new direction; "the turning of the wind"
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About a tousand or two tousand year ago, me cannot tell to a year or two, as can neider write nor read, dere was a great what you call--a volution among de gypsy; for dere was de lord gypsy in dose days; and dese lord did quarrel vid one anoder about de place; but de king of de gypsy did demolish dem all, and made all his subject equal vid each oder; and since dat time dey have agree very well; for dey no tink of being king, and may be it be better for dem as dey be; for me assure you it be ver troublesome ting to be king, and always to do justice; me have often wish to be de private gypsy when me have been forced to punish my dear friend and relation; for dough we never put to death, our punishments be ver severe.
An agreement has been signed by Volution Group PLC to purchase fan coils and commercial heating products company Energy Technique PLC for around GBP9.
Deerfield leads the funding in creation of Akari Therapeutics Plc which is created through the Celsus Therapeutics Plc acquisition of Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals.
Dei Volution Dave, I think Israel have enough of their own weapons including their illegal nuclear weapons.
The model has 8x19 VOLUTION VII wheels, fitted with 235/35 R19 P Zero tyres, a 30mm lowered suspension and a custom body kit with a bi-part front spoiler and a diffuser-styled rear skirt.
On closer inspection, the disk could be seen to be a photographer's reflector, a clue perhaps to the fact that the action in Volution was shot on 35-mm film (transferred to HD video) and loosely derived from a scene in Charlie Chaplin's City Lights (1931), one character's stiffly swinging arms and comically awkward bending from the hips directly echoing his famous slapstick.
Returning to host his very os wn Clublife Stage and back by demand is Tisto and Paul van Dyk will return exclusively to host his very own Es volution Arena.
In the forthcoming paper "Fear and Loving in Las Vegas: volution, Emotion, and Persuasion," the research team found that the emotion people are currently feeling has a strong effect on whether we decide to conform or to go against the grain.
It's no longer Free volution but 3Volution, with a charge being made for the first time.
SDLP deputy leader Alasdair McDonnell, saying Northern Ireland needs de- volution to share in prosperity.
The MBO from parent company Volution Holdings was conducted through an auction process run by Baird.
The conflict has been partially resolved by de volution to Ulster, Scotland and Wa les,but without further devolution to the English regions the process is incomplete and the situation unstable .