vomeronasal organ

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vo·mer·o·na·sal organ

Either of two olfactory sense organs, found near the vomer in certain amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, that detect pheromones and other chemical compounds. In humans, these organs regress during fetal development. Also called Jacobson's organ.
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Sometimes a foamy discharge is produced in an attempt to dissolve some of these chemical signals and push them through the oral duct into the vomeronasal organ for analysis.
Future research should focus on the functional aspect of the vomeronasal organ in the Pakistani population.
Roles of vomeronasal organ chemoreception in tongue flicking and feeding behavior of the lizard Chalcides ocellatus.
The results do not apply to humans since we do not have vomeronasal organs.
Electron microscopic and functional aspects of the human vomeronasal organ.
The odorless chemicals drift through air until they're sniffed into an animal's nose where the vomeronasal organ (VNO), a supersensitive organ wired directly to the midbrain, registers the chemicals.
Many believe that when the urine enters into a buck's vomeronasal organ located in the roof of the mouth, the deer can tell the reproductive readiness of a doe.
Mountain View, CA; 650-903-7100) announced the filing of a United States patent application covering its discovery of a novel receptor gene that is expressed in the human vomeronasal organ.
This additional nose, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO), is similar to the Jacobson's organ that snakes use to "taste" the air.
Previous reports presented the hypothesis that detection of ABP takes place in the vomeronasal organ (VNO; Karn and Russell 1993; Hwang et al.