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Vomited matter.

[Latin, from past participle of vomere, to vomit; see vomit.]
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n, pl -tuses
1. matter that has been vomited
2. (Physiology) the act of vomiting
[Latin: a vomiting]
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(ˈvɒm ɪ təs)

vomited matter.
[1880–85; < Latin, =vomi-, variant s. of vomere to vomit + -tus suffix of v. action]
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Noun1.vomitus - the matter ejected in vomitingvomitus - the matter ejected in vomiting  
body waste, excrement, excreta, excretory product, excretion - waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body
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Seventy-five patients had pneumonia caused by inhalation of food or vomitus, and 15 patients had ventilator-associated pneumonia.
The most vomitus line in the whole indictment comes from a dad -- New York attorney Gordon Caplan -- who tells a witness on the phone, "To be honest, I'm not worried about the moral issue."
We cannot now take a backseat to anyone in 2019 by going back to swallow our own vomitus.'
We report a case of ascariasis in vomitus after sedation for surgical abortion in a patient with long-standing Graves' disease.
Postprandial vomiting was the main symptom (100%) in all cases of gastric outlet obstruction, which was projectile in nature with vomitus being partially digested food material.
Virus is generally shed extensively for 7-12 days in vomitus and feces, but long-term excretion may also occur as well (Decaro et al., 2005).
He had a history of bilious vomiting with worms in the vomitus for past four days.
Of these 5 personnel, 1 was possibly exposed to profuse vomitus on mucous membranes, 1 was possibly exposed to droplets of saliva on her face after the index patient coughed, and 3 were exposed to urine on undamaged unprotected skin.
The committees would ensure disposal of mercury waste from broken clinical equipment and spillage and cadmium waste from discarded batteries, medical supplies, hospital, clinics, laboratories and veterinary facilities, waste blood, tissue, organs of human and animal bodies in addition to cytotoxic drugs, vomitus feces, syringes, vials, pharmaceutical waste, discarded solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals from diagnostic and experimental work and from cleaning and disinfecting procedures, radioactive wastes, infectious waste, pathogen such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi, needles, syringes, scalpels, infusion sets, saw, knives and blades.
All that foaming in the mouth and vomitus, shaking and moaning (and not in a good way), and if the sphincters relax, urine and feces all over.