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Noun1.voter turnout - the total number of voters who participatedvoter turnout - the total number of voters who participated; "they are expecting a large vote"
numerical quantity - a quantity expressed as a number
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Even if there is a slight increase in voter turnout this time around, he argues persuasively that the long-term historical patterns unmistakably trend downward.
What was the average voter turnout for young people aged 18-20 for the two presidential elections held in the 1990s?
In the study of nonpartisan voter drives, they found that the personal approach had the greatest success, resulting in a 10 percent boost in voter turnout.
Hence voter turnout in Japan has dropped dramatically from the 1970s onward, rising (as it did in the Upper House election of 1998, for example) only when non-aligned voters see a credible alternative to `more of the same.
In a year of incredible cynicism, with scandals in Washington and negative ads in almost every, competitive district, all the messages were `Stay home from the polls, don't bother,'" says Baldwin, whose district boasted an unheard of 55% voter turnout, about 17 percentage points higher than the national average.
In 1994, Republicans helped hold voter turnout to just 38 percent of registered voters.
The Coalition's Tate hopes to distribute 20 million during the 1998 election season, and he views the scorecards as a key to evangelical voter turnout.
To study how this theory applies to local elections, the author compared voter turnout in Cambridge, Massachusetts - the only city in the United States to use proportional representation for all municipal elections - to turnout in three other Massachusetts cities with similar demographics and local issues: Somerville, Medford and Worcester.
In what was likely the first thorough study of voter turnout in the United States, Charles E.
Increasingly, many voters don't even bother to vote, which is why the winner-take-all democracies are near the bottom of the list in terms of voter turnout.
And we all know registration and voter turnout are issues where Texas and America can do better," Secretary Williams said.
11 (ANI): In Bihar, a 57 percent voter turnout was recorded in Araria Lok Sabha by-elections, whereas Jehanabad and Bhabua constituencies recorded 50.

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