voting machine

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vot·ing machine

An apparatus for use in polling places that mechanically records and counts votes.
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voting machine

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (esp in the US) a machine at a polling station that voters operate to register their votes and that mechanically or electronically counts all votes cast
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vot′ing machine`

a mechanical or electronic apparatus used in a polling place to register and count the votes.
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mechanical device - mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
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Optical scan voting machine allows a voter to manually mark their vote on a paper ballot which is scanned for electronic tabulation.
The election might be vulnerable to fraud as there were several incidents of voting machine malfunctions reported during the course of the election, a poll watchdog said.
'In substance, in the deployment of the voting machines, the public monitoring of the elections is prevented as the major part of the election act and investigation and ascertainment of the results takes place inside the voting machine,' he added.
The new electronic voting machine (EVM), developed by ElectronBallot, was unveiled in the federal capital on Monday.
n this file photo taken on January 16, 2019, Indians try out the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in conjunction with the Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), a ballotless voting system, at an Election Commission demonstration stand in Mumbai.
An election judge in south Texas tests a voting machine for accuracy after the end of voting hours on Oct.
The Court invalidated the Federal Voting Machine Regulation (Bundeswahlgerateverordnung, Sept.
Meanwhile, electorate that turned out to cast their votes at the local government chairmanship and councillorship elections held in Kaduna, on Saturday, have expressed satisfaction with the electronic voting machine used in the election.
Namibian Delegate, Nicodemus Mingelius, Chief System Administrator says, "The people are trained, they know how to use the electronic voting machine. I personally asked the people that we met that whether they have ever experienced any technical problems, when it comes to the electronic voting machines and with confidence they said no, they haven't seen.
Krishnamurti believes that unlike the traditional ballot system where election officials are the only 'insiders', electronic voting machine systems have a long chain of such officials, including manufacturers, programmers, foreign companies and their suppliers/vendors, maintenance engineers, local officials.
(3) Working in Columbus, Ohio, he wrote to the Patent Office that his device would not only count votes, but would also contain a mechahism "automatically set to restrict certain classes of voters by and during their entrance to the booth." (4) Winslow stated that his voting machine achieved this by employing a "booth having an entrance opening, admission and exit through which is controlled by a turn-stile...." Women entered through the side of the turnstile labeled "Ladies"; men through the side labeled "Gents." As a voter moved through the turnstile, the interior of the booth was concealed.