voting precinct

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: precinct - one of several districts into which a city or town is divided for votingvoting precinct - one of several districts into which a city or town is divided for voting; each contains one polling place
precinct - a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes
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Police spokesman Sam Collins, who confirms the information here, details via mobile phone that an electorate, who went to cast his ballot at a voting precinct in Zobah Town community, Paynesville admits to receiving two unmarked ballot papers from a female NEC staff in the precinct.
The city's 2010 census of 20,228 included 900-plus inmates who needed to be included in a voting precinct.
A month before the local elections in self-government bodies, to be held on June 15, voters will have the opportunity to validate their data - number in the single voters' list, place of registration and voting precinct, according to Azarashvili.
In an exclusive interview to KUNA, Randi Lee, 34, of Fairfax, Virginia, who is not registered with any political party stressed that "it's important to vote just so I can have a voice in what's going on in this country," Lee said, after standing two hours in line outside her voting precinct.
At a voting place in Rockaway Park, a hard-hit beachfront neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens, Sharon Brown was so determined to cast her vote that she returned to her flooded home the night before in order to be within walking distance of what she believed to be her voting precinct.
8220;At Rick Case, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled quality of service to our Rick Case customers and offering exclusive incentives such as the Rick Case Rewards Program, free car washes for life, a discount gas center, and a County Clerk of Courts office and voting precinct for national and local elections.
Former European Parliament member and current Riga City Councilman Kristovskis will be first on Unity's ticket in the Riga voting precinct.
Attorney General Butterworth's office received 2,500 complaints from voters on use of the butterfly ballot, an unauthorized traffic checkpoint that was near a voting precinct, and poll workers' refusal to provide on request second ballots to voters.
The service, including hardware, costs about $500 per voting precinct, Cerrone said.
Yet within the curtains of my old-fashioned voting machine--the push-button kind that scores your votes electronically enough, and got me in and out of my voting precinct in 15 minutes--I decided, despite my personal liberal and Democratic leanings that I told you about as readers of ColoradoBiz when I wrote my first column here more than six years ago, that I should be true to my editorial-board vote on my secret ballot as well.
The census data are aggregated to the level of the voting precinct.