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Nevertheless, if a wise man of the reformed taste wants a modern picture, there are places for him to go to now where he may be sure of getting it genuine; where, if the artist is not alive to vouch for his work, the facts at any rate have not had time to die which vouch for the dealer who sells it.
Oh, you need not avow this religious indifference, my Lord; your debaucheries and crimes would vouch for it.
There was nothing to vouch for her soundness and the worth of her character, but the reputation of the building-yard whence she was launched headlong into the world of waters.
Ensign Northerton declared he would not drink her health in the same round with his own toast, unless somebody would vouch for her.
I came upon him in the pits of Aaanthor; but though I have known him so short a time, I can vouch for his bravery and loyalty.
Summary: Autonomous driving is becoming all the rage now and any petrolhead would vouch for that.
I know that this ages me, but when this pronouncement about passports was made a couple of weeks ago, I immediately thought of the lyrics from a George Harrison song You don't need no passport And you don't need no visas You don't need to designate or to emigrate Before you can see Jesus If you open up your heart You'll see he's right there Always was and will be George was clearly Chris'tia' ns are trusting in Jesus Christ to personally vouch for them before God both now and into eternity.
Panfilo Lacson, former national police chief, said he would vouch for Lapea's integrity.
AIDA sees government vouch for the efficiency of the startups, and help them compete on a more level footing.
We can definitely vouch for it reducing the vouch for it reducing the appearance of pores, appearance of pores, too, which is always too, which is always a bonus.
All their players will vouch for the fact (there wasn't a butt) but that's what I'm being accused of and it pains me because it's something Wrexham are Forest keeper I haven't done and had no reason to do.
Sir Bruce Keogh wrote to Dr Chris Jones, medical director of the NHS in Wales, in November, saying he could not vouch for the veracity of the data.