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semicircular arch
A. keystone
B. voussoirs
C. springers
D. imposts


One of the wedge-shaped stones forming the curved parts of an arch or vaulted ceiling.

[French, from Old French vossoir, from Vulgar Latin *volsōrium, from *volsus, past participle of Latin volvere, to turn, roll; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Architecture) a wedge-shaped stone or brick that is used with others to construct an arch or vault
[C18: from French, from Vulgar Latin volsōrium (unattested), ultimately from Latin volvere to turn, roll]



any of the pieces in the shape of a truncated wedge that form an arch or vault.
[1325–75; < French; replacing Middle English vousor(i)e < Anglo-French; Old French volsoir < Vulgar Latin *volsōrium=*volt(us) (for Latin volūtus), past participle of volvere to turn + -tōrium -tory2]
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Noun1.voussoir - wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault
arch - (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it
building block - a block of material used in construction work
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The building is made with buff, dark, grey and red stones, with voussoirs of pointed arches and a pitched roof.
This included the huge stone copings on top of the bridge, the voussoirs - dressed stones that form the arches - and the remains of cast iron rope rollers which ensured boat tow ropes would not get snagged as they were pulled through.
Cette realisation, prouesse architecturale a l'epoque, etait constituee d'une partie centrale, abritee par une coupole hemispherique de 41 metres a la base, de 13 assises de 48 voussoirs prefabriques, et d'une calotte de 10 m de diametre formee de 24 voussoirs speciaux.
The report adds: "Other works involve tests to prepare of a full strategy for repairing damage to the capitals and voussoirs of the vault ribs, and deep cavitation's in the stonework, removal of elements such as salts and candle wax where necessary and finally analyse paint finishes and determine the composition of plaster/rendered finishes."
Pour les transports, le groupe fournit des voussoirs dotes d'une puce (identification par frequence radio) detaillant les informations de tracabilite du produit et permettant d'enregistrer des parametres du contexte de mise en oeuvre (ex: frequence de passage des trams ou metros).
As in building an arch, a temporary support is needed while rings of voussoirs are constructed and the rings placed in position.