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Noun1.vowel system - the system of vowels used in a particular language
phonemic system - the system of phonemes recognized in a language
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Even the foreign language professionals (e.g., the professor of French, the teacher, and the translator) made 25-75% errors in alveolar context on /u-y/ contrast, suggesting that these individuals, who presumably have metalinguistic awareness of the French vowel system, were no more skilled than the other participants in discriminating PF [Parisian French] /u/ from /y/.
Changes in the Northern Cities Shifted Vowel System: Evidence From Jewish Women in Metro Detroit.
Based on these results, Rangel assumes a pos-tonic vowel system consisting of three vowels up to the age of 1;5 and a pos-tonic vowel system consisting of five vowels /a, e, i, o, u/ from the age of 1;6 on.
Although the Spanish vowel system is regarded as relatively simple with five phoneme vowels, the phonetic variation they undergo is great.
Studies delving into the Spanish vowel system of HL users find vowel spaces that are not as symmetrical as those of native speakers and that do display evidence of shift toward the center of the vowel space (i.e., reduction) in unstressed syllables (Alvord & Rogers, 2014; Boomershine, 2012; Ronquest 2012, 2013, forthcoming; Willis, 2005).
He established that Pahari has twelve vowel system. This study aims to analyze the Pahari vowels acoustically to establish the vowel inventory of the language in the form of quadrilateral.
Palatal clicks appear first at about 3;6 Tuomi et The vowel system of isiXhosa is al.
This is followed by a description of the Italian vowel system, the Latin vowels, how the former derive from the latter, and how the standard Italian vocalic system compares to those of a variety of dialects, including Sardinian and Sicilian.
In the case of English, both these seminal works account for its vowel system by way of four paradigmatic feature oppositions: acoustic features [[+ or -] compact/diffuse], [[+ or -] grave/acute], [[+ or -] flat/natural] and [[+ or -] stressed/unstressed] in PSA terms, and articulatory features [[+ or -] high/low], [[+ or -] front/back], [[+ or -] round/nonround] and [[+ or -] tense/lax] in SPE terms.
Chuxnaban Mixe has a relatively simple consonant system and a complex vowel system with a phonemic vowel length distinction and a phonemic phonation contrast between plain, aspirated, and glottalized vowels.
This decision is preceded by a discussion relying on Catford (1957) who argues that most dialects in Shetland, along with Angus and parts of Perthshire and Kincardineshire, which is plausible from a demographic point of view, display the maximal Scots vowel system of twelve monophthongs and at least two diphthongs.
Contrary to the relatively simple Shona vowel system, the English one is fairly complex.