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vow 1

An earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules of a religious order: take the vows of a nun.
v. vowed, vow·ing, vows
1. To promise solemnly; pledge. See Synonyms at promise.
2. To make a pledge or threat to undertake: vowing revenge on their persecutors.
To make a vow; promise.

[Middle English vou, from Old French, from Latin vōtum; see vote.]

vow′er n.

vow 2

To declare or assert: "Well, I vow it is as fine a boy as ever was seen!" (Henry Fielding).

[Short for avow.]
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Noun1.vower - someone who makes a solemn promise to do something or behave in a certain way; "young vowers of eternal love"; "there are many vowers of chastity but few who observe it"
promiser, promisor - a person who makes a promise
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woven, wove, worn, wore, wool, wooer, vower, vowel, owner, lower, elbow, brown, brow, brew, bowler, bowl, bower, bowel, blown, blower, blow, blew, below, OVERBLOWN Wordsquare: I.
[V]ows differ from promises in the crucial respect that they do not constitute the undertaking of an obligation to someone else, who then enjoys the power of releasing the vower from his obligation.
We recognize that the narrator is not the one who made the vow, and though we know the identity of the vower we do not yet know the substance of the vow.
He gives to the vower his vow, and blesses the sleep of the just....
I don't believe I was in my right mind at the time either; they were all new balls, and I don't believe a vow is binding if the vower isn't in his right mind.